Come out of limited identity into Unity!

Come out of limited identity into Unity!

So much truth in these words, but so few of us question the status quo of our existences…

We incarnate on Earth with blocked memories, like a book with blank pages on which the family, the school, the society are constantly writing mental and emotional programs that maintain this “status quo”, this state of affairs of life on Earth.

The very moment of the birth of a child is the fractal replica of the separation of the Souls inside the energy of Consciousness. Did you know that at birth any little girl has already stored in her ovaries all the eggs from which a baby could be formed throughout her life?

We are separated from EVERYTHING since early childhood in hundreds, in thousands of different ways. Those who have children know how difficult it was for them to make a 2-3 year old child understand concepts like “I – you” or “mine – yours”. And that’s because the child’s Soul does not remember, but knows, feels, senses that it is one, that “I” and “you” are just different faces of Truth, Reality, Consciousness.

Then we are separated and locked in little boxes like belonging to a family, a place, a nation, a skin color, a religion, a profession, a social class, a political party, a social system, an idea… For ANY of these boxes, at one or another moment in history, people were killed or chose to die. Why? BECAUSE THIS IS HOW THEY WERE TAUGHT: To belong to a LIMITED IDENTITY and to identify a limited identity in any thing or being.

Because they were taught to JUDGE. “To judge” comes from the Latin “iūdicō” = “iūs” (law, right) + dicō (indicate, say), meaning “to say the law”, “to indicate what is right”. And after we learn the law = the actual state of life on Earth at some point, we then judge everything – “we say the law” that we have been taught to say, at every moment of life, separating everything into thousands of little boxes inside and then creating thousands of boxes outside. Repeating the LAW… Replicating endlessly this state of separation. Because we continually identify with a limited identity on the inside and then reflect it on the outside.

The mind is thus fooled into learning by repetition these “laws” of duality. They are taught in the family, in school, in the social environment. And the child’s Soul is taught to be silent, it is forced to be silent. So is his Spirit. Because the Law leaves no room for CREATIVITY and WILL – the basic characteristics of the energy of the Soul and the Spirit, respectively. The child must submit and obey all these laws; CREATING A NEW LAW or WANTING SOMETHING ELSE is inadmissible.

If he does not respect the LAW, he is expelled from the box, and the first and most important box is the FAMILY. Only in adolescence can the child become strong enough to sustain the energies of the Soul and the Spirit and change the law, at least for himself. However, in the absence of self-knowledge about the physical body, mind, subconscious, soul, spirit, attached foreign energies and energy connections and of knowledge of the principles governing the dual frequency of the energy of Consciousness, the child, now a teenager, gropes around like in a maze and makes a lot of mistakes.

And because he does not know and does not remember who he is, he is blown like a leaf by the wind of the change he wants, either towards a partner or another who promises him love and acceptance, either towards a profession / job or another that promises him financial balance, either to a political party or another that promises to change the status quo, either to a religion or another that promises him peace and fulfilment at least after death, because he can see that he cannot change things here  on Earth so easily…

And so, he goes from one limited identity to another, being pulled in all directions and identifying with all these boxes, not having time to sit with himself, and observe in silence all the madness around him. Not having time to retreat inside, and find his connection with EVERYTHING. He runs towards death, in a mad race, covered with veils over veils of illusion, NOT KNOWING that all he needs to do is STOP and OBSERVE, WITHOUT JUDGING.

To observe his body WITHOUT JUDGING, to observe his thoughts WITHOUT JUDGING, to observe his emotions WITHOUT JUDGING, to observe his family, house, profession, people, religion, party, race, all boxes WITHOUT JUDGING . Because only then can he perceive them all as what they really are: mere DIFFERENT COLORS OF THE SAME RAYS OF TRANSPARENT LIGHT. Only facets of the same TRUTH. Only different vibrational frequencies of the same primordial energy of Consciousness. And only then can he perceive Duality as another aspect of the Unity of Consciousness.

Each of our Souls has its own unique path of awareness, of self-knowledge, and if we do not give ourselves TIME to stop, to ask ourselves, to question the LAW and to observe, from this state of self-ignorance we can make many mistakes which will bring suffering, both to us and to others.

It is natural to do them, because we do not know more, but when we realize that we REPEAT the same mistakes over and over again, the only choice we can make is to STOP, then OBSERVE, ASK OURSELVES, LOOK FOR ANSWERS, DOUBT THE LAWS THAT ARE SERVED TO US ON A TRAY, BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED.

Also, because the Soul knows that OUTSIDE and INSIDE are one and the same, it is just as natural to seek help outside, but only AS LONG AS WE DO NOT GIVE AWAY THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIMENTATION TO ANYONE: neither to parents, nor to the teacher, the priest, the doctor, the judge, the boss, the ruler, the master, the spiritual guide, the angel or the god! They can all share their experience with us and mirror us in a certain space-time point, thus helping us, but the responsibility for our own path of awareness rests with each of us.

When the Body CAN, the Mind KNOWS, the Subconscious BELIEVES, the Spirit WANTS and the Soul BELIEVES, all in UNISON, then we are in UNITY where no law needs to exist. Where the JUDGMENT and its boxes are useless, because then I feel that I am in every box and all the boxes are parts of me.

Only then can we truly be at peace inside and out. But as long as we take the game of duality too seriously and judge ourselves and others by its laws, forgetting that no concept can exist without its opposite, we will mirror the conflicts inside of us and co-create wars locally or globally, in any space-time point where the level of identification with a limited human identity will be very high.

The people who have a low level of awareness and will choose to give pass their responsibility for choosing, their free will, to a leader with a limited identity who will make mistakes and create chaos in the world. These are the leaders of today’s world and of all history: People with limited identities, who do not see beyond the fence of their own garden and try to steal each other’s hats…

From the middle of the system, of the LAW, of JUDGEMENT, it seems to us that we cannot change anything. AND IT IS TRUE: WE CANNOT CHANGE ANYTHING OUTSIDE, BECAUSE “OUTSIDE” DOES NOT EXIST. OUTSIDE AND INSIDE ARE ONE. There is nothing to change outside. It is only to be known, to be done, to be learned from mistakes, to be healed, to become aware of and then to be mirrored towards other Souls, other points of Consciousness.

Yes, it’s easier to get on my knees and ask someone else to fulfil my needs, letting them make choices for me for fear of making the wrong choice, but I have an eternity to try all the possible mistakes and understand that I am a point of unlimited energy, so I choose to play the game of Self-knowledge and Awareness. HOW ABOUT YOU? 😉

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