In Search of the Truth – Moments of awareness in Florian’s life

In Search of the Truth – Moments of awareness in Florian’s life

Let me introduce myself. My name is Florian Andrei and, although I considered myself an atheist, something in me was looking for the truth. In my search I was drawn to esotericism and trapped in religions. After having a “normal” life in society, with family, children and a job that I liked, I went from being an atheist to choosing the path of asceticism and left everything to go into a monastery to become a monk. I followed all the canons and the 3 strict rules that were imposed on me: the oaths of obedience, chastity and poverty, I went through hermitage, going into a cave and praying there, I used to stay from evening to morning, spending hours hours in prayer, plus service after service.

I respected everything, I was a “champion”, so to speak, in strict fastings but I can say these actually served me well. Had I not been fooled to give energy to some entities, it would have been perfect, because I would have purified myself. But all I did was give energy to some entities, which we all feed, without us they cannot exist, we feed them through lies of this Matrix – this prison for Souls. I met all the requirements, but the time came when I left the place where I was drained of energy.

There I had my first OBE (Out-of-Body Experience) and the first contact with my Spirit, who sent me out of the monastery to seek the truth. Later on I also experienced a lot of other things: reiki, the mysteries of white magic, witchcraft, other sects and religions … Then I discovered regressive hypnosis and my telepathic and clairvoyance abilities were activated.

Stages, these were all stages of experimentation in search of the TRUTH, which led me to it step by step, because my Soul and Spirit wanted it.

I want to mention that the activation of my 3rd eye, the cleaning of the pineal gland and the telepathic power came after the complete detoxification, whole days in a row only with air, without any food or water (at most I managed a week … during which period I ate only a bowl of peas in total and drank 1 l of water). Then I continued for years with a vegetarian and even strictly vegan diet in some periods, and to that was added the physical cleansing, the abstinence from negative intentions, thoughts or actions and especially the deep desire to find the truth…

It was a difficult road, full of efforts, I fought, I fell, I got up, I lost a fight, I won another. You can all do that. If you ask me, I can say that YES, your diet matters, but in the end everything is in our minds and the essential thing is to be balanced, not to make anyone suffer because of us. I still have to work with myself on this.

Let us not forget, however, that no one can know the whole truth on Earth, but everyone can find out its Essence because their Soul and their Spirit show it to them.

I want to share with you some parts of the adventure of my spiritual experience on my way to awareness ever since entering my body.

I was born at 7 months, with some physical issues, the doctors telling my parents that I would die. I stayed in the incubator, connected to various devices until, at one point, the hospital manager where I was born told my parents to prepare what was needed to bury me, because I had no chance to live. My parents were atheists, but the entities worked through my mother’s grandmother, who was religious and who influenced my parents to steal me from the hospital and take me to a monastery to christen me so I wouldn’t die unchristened. The eternal deception of entities: they give you diseases and problems through energy implants and then they trick you into going to them to renew contracts and believe that they saved you…

My Spirit, knowing the truth, fought and kept me present in life, knowing that this would be a life in which I would no longer be fooled and I would find out the truth. Through the christening, the entities behind the religion wanted to convince my parents to believe that this christening saved me. And to make them become believers, in order to pull me on the religious path when I grew up. This is what the entities always wanted, knowing that I came with a mission, they tried to take advantage of my energies. From an early age I noticed that I had the power of thought and speech, materializing very quickly what I wanted, but then I did not realize this, being a convinced atheist.

After the christening, seeing that my family had not been fooled by religion, an attempt followed to remove me. At the age of one, my mother took me for a ride in my pushchair around the block. At one point I was blinking, the sun bothered me, so my mother, most likely influenced by my Spirit, raised the canopy of the pushchair to stop the sun from getting in my eyes. She had barely lifted her hand from the canopy when a very large brick fell on the canopy, almost breaking it. My mother fainted from the scare, realizing that if she didn’t lift the canopy, that brick being bigger than my head, it would have simply crushed it. After learning about regressive hypnosis, I also found out what happened: the entities, seeing that they could not pull me to their side, tried to eliminate me, but my Spirit saved me to complete the mission for which I came.

And so, from a young age, I began to defy death, because my Spirit is a fighter, a warrior. In all the past lives I have looked in I have been a fighter (viking, gladiator, mercenary, hired as a fighter for justice, I was a privateer, I fought for the Knights Templar, then in the American army during the civil war, I was also a samurai, etc. I had only one quieter life as an astrologer … and in this life I was arrested by the Inquisition and killed because I did not give in and did not side with them and the entities.

Let me specify that, since I was 10 years old, I had an aversion towards priests and the church. I really wondered why, because I was raised in a family of intellectuals, who taught me good manners and did not teach me against the church even if they were atheists. As a child I was a rebel, a free spirit, I did not like to obey anyone, I had come with the program learned, but I found myself in a family with a good financial situation and I was a bit spoiled, sometimes a bit exaggerated. I discovered eventualy where my aversion for priests and the church came from – the life with the Inquisition.

Then another surprise, as a child I read a lot, mine had almost 1000 books… I think I had read them all until I was 18, but I was crazy about detective and war books, I liked history, and whatever was related to World War II was my addiction. I was crazy about the German army, I wanted to go and fight in wars, I wanted to run to enlist in the foreign legion, I didn’t understand what was happening, I had some strange feelings, I was not afraid of anything and no one, not even death. I was quite a brawler when I was little, I wasn’t afraid, ten kids could come at me and I wasn’t running; I fought until I fell and I didn’t feel the pain, I was always resistant to physical pain, cuts or blows and my body always reacted quickly and any wound or cut healed quickly and there were no signs left. Where did my love for the German army come from? Last life I was a German soldier, I died on the front in 1942 in Stalingrad.

And so, as a child, I defied death. I also did 7 years of gymnastics and, in order to show my friends who were cowards in my opinion, that I was not afraid of death, I used to climb on the top of our block of flats, on the tenth floor, and walk on my hands on that narrow edge that framed the block. Or I was hanging from the railing on the 10th floor holding with just one hand and rocking. Or I was doing splits with one foot on the railing and the other on the wall of the block. Now I understand where those feelings came from. Being a warrior in all my lives and having died only in battles in wars, my soul was no longer afraid of death, of pain, of nothing. It wasn’t really good what I was doing, but my Spirit always saved me.

As I said, I came set well: not to have any attachments. I was determined never to get married and never to have children. It was as if I knew how things were with the children brought to reincarnation, with the exaggerated attachments, I wanted to be free, without obligations, so that I could carry out my mission. But the entities had a plan to divert me on their side, to the monastery. They wanted me to stay in the monastery, to take my energy, to believe that I could do healings only through them, when on the contrary, they needed my energy. And this is where their plan began. Even in this life I had a job in which I fought for justice and for people. Then, fooled by the entities, I resigned to become a monk… But, that also led to something good, I started to fight the entities that I have been fighting with for a long time anyway.

After many attempts by the entities to lead me on their path from atheism to religion, they tried other plans. They saw that they could not get to me physically, because I was never afraid of illness or accidents, and here is the secret, as long as you eliminate these fears and do not let any thought of disease enter your mind and sprout, you will always be perfectly healthy. Maybe the army hardened me too, the days when I was bare-chested in snow, I don’t remember having a cold in the last 30 years. When you are not afraid of anything, nothing can touch you!

Many years ago I had an accident, fell from a height and fractured my spine. Being resistant to pain, I didn’t know it was a fracture and I came home by train (about 800 km). I wanted to go home, but my colleagues insisted on going to the hospital. I went, they did an x-ray, I was in a hurry, I didn’t have time for nonsense. At one point, 5 concerned doctors appeared, looking at the x-ray and whispering. One stuck a needle in my leg and I even screamed in pain. They were scared, they said it was impossible, that I had to be paralyzed. I even got into an argument with them. They subjected me to many tests and x-rays, but I said clearly: I am perfectly healthy. Stubborn I was. I had a fracture, that was true. I listened to them and I had to stay in bed immobilized for 3 months. Pff, what boredom… But I continuously said to myself: “The vertebrae are welding back and I’m perfectly healthy.” After that, everything was perfect and it still is, as if that fracture never happened. And why? Because I did not let fear and their words enter the my subconscious.

Another time a car hit me. I know I lost consciousness, I didn’t check if I was out of the body or not, but something tells me I was dead and the spirit brought me back. When I came back the people were screaming: “He’s dead! He killed him!” It didn’t hurt at all, but that wasn’t the problem, my whole face was swollen and scratched, I said to myself that this time there would be some signs… It was a disaster. They took me to the hospital, of course I didn’t want to go… Finally, tomograph, x-rays and the lot. I was fine. Seeing that, I said to myself: “OK, I am healing, my face will go back to normal, without any sign of this accident.” No one gave me even a hope to a quick recovery. But guess what, in a week my face looked better than before! The conclusion: you must not be afraid of anything, do not let fears and anxieties enter, break the blockages and trust yourself, your energies. Heal, visualize, it is in your power and thus nothing can touch you.

As I was saying, these entities left me alone and devised another plan to attack me. Someone appeared in my life that I fell in love with (at least I thought so, but then it turned out that it was a love induced by them to create those attachments that make us suffer). They manipulate everything, and if Souls do not make contracts with each other, they live according to those contracts made with the entities. Through these contracts they make Souls meet, then separate them only to create suffering, negative energy that keeps the Souls on a low vibration, unable to evolve and awaken, and feeds the entities. We know that these entities do not like true love between couples, the energy of true love simply burns them, so they try to separate couples. Archons (entities that appear as archangels / angels) especially do this. But I repeat, the twin souls, the conscious ones win, their love wins in the end, they cannot be separated.

So, after that person appeared, shortly after, the interferences from the entities started. Quarrels, parting… Why? So that they can send me “arrows” (acquaintances): “Go to church / go to a witch, that’s where the escape is!”

So they had resorted to another plan. To attack my Soul, on attachments. These are the most dangerous attacks, especially the sentimental ones, if taken to the extreme. We must always be on 0, that is without attachments. As I was saying, they saw that I did not get out of my atheism, that I did not fall into their trap, they had nothing to hold me with. I was on 0 attachments, physically not a chance … What they did, they got me on a sentimental level: my wife, although I was a convinced atheist, convinced me to enter the church to get married, as a favour to her. I didn’t believe in all that, I made fun of them, I kept telling them to get it done already. Well, that was a mistake: I did not know that, accepting that ritual, even without believing in it, I make a contract, a covenant through which I gave these entities permission to take pieces of my soul, mind and heart energies. And the trick is, it didn’t happen on the spot, I didn’t even step into the church for years after and with all my wife’s attempts to bring me to religion, nothing happened.

So they came up with another plan: another wife, still religious, got married in the church again, but nothing. No chance, on the contrary, I didn’t want to hear anything about religion. But they did put in strings and activated implants. Not even the second wife managed to bring me to these entities. I was set as I came: without attachments, so as not to be hooked. But… from there began the first fall: love for my child, attachment, string, activated implant, pain because I could not see her until the divorce was finalized. My first heartache and it hurt a lot. Here my soul was fooled by these entities – thieves of souls. We are their fuel, or more specifically our energies, especially our souls, so that’s why they have created this prison – the Matrix. They no longer have energies because they have detached themselves from the All-Creating Source and are nourished with our energy through the suffering also created by them, energy that we give voluntarily through the deception of the Matrix.

So, the pain came, but also the first “arrow” that hit me directed to the church, to pray, that there they will help me and bring my child back. In parallel, another “arrow” sent me to the witches, that they would help me. I was confused.

I first tried the second option – witches – just so I wouldn’t get to church. There … the biggest surprise, and I went to several witches: they were all working with religious entities. They had houses full of religious icons and crosses and made me perform rituals in the name of the same entities. It was then when the first question marks appeared… I went to a clairvoyant who made my future the way she wanted it. Everything she said happened exactly like that, but it was also my fault, beacuse I followed her rituals with candles, they broke my soul into pieces with suffering, I willingly gave away pieces of myself, of my energies, by doing this. I think all the witches knew me already, it was interesting that a witch wanted to take me as an apprentice, to teach me her trade, to let me take her place, as she wanted to retire. My friends were laughed at me, amazed at how strong I used to be and how weak I had become. They caught me, fooled my soul, pulled me to their side for a while.

But they did not succeed with the witches, I actually fell on the religion side, I fell into the trap and went to the priests after the episode with the witches and the clairvoyant. Again, I don’t think there was a monastery I didn’t go to.

As we know, this Matrix is ​​dominated by several entities that form alliances and share their prey (i.e. our souls). They make pacts between them and according to the contracts we were tricked into. The time had come for my energies, which until then had been taken by Dracos, to be taken over by Yahweh and by the First Man – the religious ones. And they started their specific game. I mean, just like the bad cop and the good cop. Same team, but with other players… After I got to the priest, he read something to me there and told me to read the Bible and prayers. Out of pain (which was also enhanced by them through negative thoughts) I did this.

Now they started playing with me. I couldn’t read, they threw the book from my hand, I heard strange noises, had anxious states, shadows appeared, faces to scare me, to see their power. I would chase them around the house, shout at them, tell them to stand still, I wanted to beat them, but I would hit only air… I didn’t know then how materialization and dematerialization worked. I was thinking of shooting them… They appeared in the evening, to strangle me, they were invisible some of them, I could feel them strangling me, attacking my heart, taking my breath away. What have I done? Thoughts also came to me to pray to Jesus, to make the covenant. I prayed, but in vain, they tormented me for hours, but Jesus and God did nothing. I had tons of crosses, I chased them with the cross and the incense in my hand through the house, I said prayers after prayers and nothing! But it was still good that I did exercising, at least I was losing weight. ��� I saw it didn’t work, so I threatened to kill them. Nothing. At one point I reached the limit and went back to what I knew best, since I was an atheist. I said: That’s it, Florian, come on, let’s put our foot in the door! I ordered them to disappear, to leave, or I would make them disappear. And then it happened. I managed to do it alone, without prayers. They calmed down immediately. Other question marks…

But I was so blocked that I continued to sink into prayers, I didn’t see anything else, I prayed for hours, I woke up at midnight and stayed up to 3 AM praying, I supplied them with energy stronger than a nuclear reactor.

I remember a priest I was friends with was praying for me. At one point he had become cold and scared. I asked him what happened. He told me that Satan was bothering him… Haaa, I said, send him to me, I’ll take care of him, what priest are you if you are afraid of someone without power? But still he was scared to pieces … The next day after this I went to his church, he was fixing something outside. He stood up, his face white with fright, started screaming at me and threw a hammer at me. I got annoyed: “Listen, you’re a priest and my friend, but you’re taking me for granted now. What’s wrong with you, I don’t understand!” He calmed down, stopped trembling, and said to me: “Satan appeared to me last night.” So what?” I said. “You’re a priest, why didn’t you drive him away?” He went silent, then he said: “I am afraid, Satan told me that if I get between you and him, it will be the end of me and my family…” I burst out laughing and said: “Seriously, you with your fears, let me take care of him!”

And I started screaming there in the church yard: “Come out, Satan, and let’s fight!” Then I walked around the church to look for him. Now came the surprise, on one side of the church there was a huge scaffolding with a worker on it plastering a wall . When I passed by, it suddenly fell on me as if pulled by someone. My Spirit pushed me and the scaffolding missed me. The worker also fell, he was scared, but whole. We both put the scaffolding back and he got to work again. In about half an hour, I think, I passed by the scaffolding again and it fell again! I jumped again, it only hurt my leg a little. That worker was whole again, but scared, he just ran away and said he wasn’t working anymore. I laughed at the failed attempts (now I know they belonged to these entities).

Now, about Karma and contracts. We know that after we become aware and burn contracts and karma, we no longer follow the destiny imposed by the entities. After I became aware of what was really goning on I burned my contracts, my strings, everything, any connection to them. One day, a few years ago, I was going to the dentist. I was on the bus, and when I got to my stop, I found I was stuck in front of the door. I couldn’t get off. I was paralyzed, I didn’t move, people were shouting: “Hey, get down! Get out of the way!” … Nothing, I was paralyzed. The doors closed, the bus started, then I recovered. I asked my Spirit “What did you do to me, why did you block me, I really need to arrive on time!” I was arguing and my Spirit said to me: “You will see.” OK, I got off at the next station, I crossed, I took the bus back one stop and I got off at the destination. When I raised my head, I looked at the crosswalk, where I should have crossed if my spirit had let me get down and what did I see? I was lying on the crossing, exactly the same clothes, fallen, a car had hit me, next to me the ambulance car, two doctors who were trying to save me and one of them said: “It’s over, he’s dead.” Next to them two reptilians were watching… It was a vision of what was supposed to have happened… of what was written to happen in the contract… But because I burned the contracts, karma burned and that timeline where I HAD to die was avoided. My spirit avoided that by anulling the contract. And I continued my journey to the dentist quietly and arrived late, but alive…

But let’s get back to the story, as I said, I was sinking deeper and deeper into religion, I was already becoming fanatical. From a convinced atheist, I was elected counselor at the church, they got me good. I read only religious books, I was being sent to this monastic life, I started fasting, I gave up meat, any animal product. Well there was something good here, besides detoxification, I also lost 25 kg in 8 months (I really needed it), but with effort, I also went to the gym, I kept fasting, no water, no food, only air and prayers for days, but instead of keeping that pure energy for myself, I gave it through prayers to these entities. I went 3 days a week with this dry fasting.

When I was in the monastery I remember fasting for a week, from Sunday evening from 10 am to the other Monday at 1 am. I only ate a bowl of peas and drank 1 liter of water on Thursday. I lived on air alone. I remember friends calling me to pray for them. They had various physical problems. I sat down to pray, but not knowing the truth, I prayed to that god for them. I didn’t know I was doing this with my energy (as each of you can). Then they called to tell me that their pain was gone. Here they caught me again, I was glad that God was giving me healing powers … Pfff … what a trick!

So, slowly, slowly, going to the monasteries, I became friends with monks. And they started to convince me. Seeing that I wanted to heal and that I could, they told me that only if I enter the Lord’s Army I can heal… “What army?” I asked.” “To become a monk”, they said. And the thought, the seed implanted by them, began to work. I didn’t want anything else. I remember going to a monastery where a possessed child was coming. The a priest there was known to work miracles, to exorcise. But he was very frightened when that possessed child appeared, he changed, the fear could be seen in his eyes. He did not have the courage to approach the child. As the child struggled hard, no one could hold him, only his parents did. I saw that, I went and I held him. The priest, frightened, approached and tried to read, but he stammered. I began to shout: “Get out of this child, devil!” And I was reciting Our Father (because I was fooled, I thought so, I didn’t know the truth). The child calmed down. After that, whenever I went to see that priest, he avoided me. He was telling people all about their future, there was a queue for him, you had to wait for hours. When I got to him … his face changed and he kept telling me that he didn’t see anything in me, he was getting agitated, he didn’t want to help me. He was really getting nervous and telling me to leave. Now we all know why. The entities on him were scared.

I was going in pilgrimages around all the monasteries, I was really hooked, I was giving energies to all the saints (now we know who are behind them: mantises, grays, alien entities of all kinds). And then, with those fasting periods, detoxification and trance states, the pineal gland, the 3rd eye, began to open. My Spirit did that, but instead of keeping these energies to myself, I gave them to the entities. I remember that, when the 3rd eye was activating, for about 3 months, I think, I had incredible headaches, especially on the right side. At the same time I had unbearable pain (for me, and I was resistant to pain!) that lasted about 20 minutes a day. I did 3 CT scans, I went to many doctors (I didn’t know about all this back then), I took the strongest pills, but all in vain. And it wasn’t about migraines. I had begun to see shapes, colors, shadows, entities (but not how I see them now in their real shape, they appeared to me in that religious form to fool me.

And the powers increased, but they also led me to them. I remember lighting many candles to pray, my room was full of icons and crosses, (I didn’t know then that these were opening entrance portals for the entities). One evening, after hours of prayer, I let the candles burn and fell asleep. At one point I heard the trot of horses, the sounds of a fight, swords, iron on iron, screams, then someone squeezed my throat, hard, I had no air… I invoked Jesus, but in vain (I should have realized the truth right then, but I was very blocked). Then I saw a spher of light appear – it was my Spirit that saved me. When I opened my eyes, my furniture had caught fire from the candles. It’s good that the Spirit woke me up, I took some water and quickly put the fire out… If it was left to the entities, I would have burnt alive…

But I was already implanted hard, they were pulling me towards the monastery. I saw nothing but being a monk, that’s how I thought would be the only way to be able to use my powers. I couldn’t see anything else, they sent me thoughts, visions that I was a great monk, that I was healing, but the healings were attributed to Jesus, to God; that there was a queue at my cell, I was famous, and I also brought the world to religion… This was also specified in the contract, I saw this after I found out the truth and then I burned it. I would have been healing with the power of my Spirit. You all have these healing powers, you have Souls and Spirits, you are free, sovereign, stronger than any entity.

When the final implantation came, a thought from them, I got on the phone and called the abbot. I asked him what to do, I want to serve God, to do good, to join them, how to do it, if I resign and come to become a monk, is that okay? He thought for a while and said yes (after a while I found out that they were not allowed to receive me because I had children and I had alimony to pay, it was against the rules). And that’s how it was, as if something had simply entered me and that’s it, 3 days after that I went to work and resigned. My colleagues were trying to convince me, they tried to take my resignation form to break it, they didn’t want to let me go to the chief to resign. They wanted to help me and I respect them for that. But the implants were activated, I was totally under the control of the entities (now we know who they are, they needed my energy). The chief did not initially accept the resignation, but he could do nothing, it was my right legal right. And so ended 21 years of a career I loved, in which I did my best at a professional level.

I left for the monastery, I gave up everything (parents, children, friends, material life), I was fooled.

Now let me tell you something, there are 4 types of people who choose to become monks in a monastery:

  1. Those who had emotional pains, sentimental disappointments, depressions, suicide attempts, etc., which of course were also enhanced for to them by entities to direct them to the monastery.
  2. Those who run away from vices believing that they escape in the monastery (crimes, rapes, alcohol, homosexuality, gambling, drugs, etc.)
  3. Those who are too poor, and choose this path to at least have something to eat.
  4. Those who are deceived by religions or entities that they can find the truth there, or that only in this way they can heal other people, or they can work miracles (although those miracles are done by our energies), and they join out of love induced by these entities.

I was in the last category. On arriving at the monastery, the truth began to emerge slowly by slowly. They kept me in a cell without heat and with only cold water for a month (from January to February) to test my obedience, they said that Jesus also suffered and so should I. It was minus 20 degrees sometimes, I washed with cold water, I slept dressed, there was no heat. I didn’t say anything. I endured and fed the entities. We had daily services, we prayed from 4 to 8 in the morning service, and from 4 to 8 in the evening service. Then there were the night ones. At the monastery they had to be kept daily to feed the entities, even if the did not come. Out of 24 hours I slept 3-4, the rest church service and work.

One takes 3 vows in a monastery, of obedience, chastity and poverty. Obedience to the abbot, what he says is holy, he is stronger than God’s word. Of chastity, we know what it’s about, and poverty, but valid only for the poor brothers and monks, they are not allowed to get any money. If people knew how they gather the money and where it all ends up, and we’re talking about money, not a joke. We weren’t allowed to give anything to the poor, it was incredible, we had to secretly give food and money to the poor…

So I was working and praying. My spirit was already beginning to show me the truth. I would go to this cave nearby, clean it and pray there. I felt freer there, closer to myself, to my Spirit, but I was still implanted. From here began the road to awareness. There I had my first OBE (Out-of Body Experience).

Another event that brought me closer to the awareness of what we really are, also happened at the monastery, the heating was done by burning wood and someone wanted to make a donation (he had a plot of land) and to offer us wood to warm up. He told us we could go and cut down the trees there.

It was winter, February, cold… We went and got to work. When there was only a big, thick tree left, a monk climbed up to cut it with a chainsaw. We anchored it with 7 ropes and we all pulled on it to fall. Only the cut was too thin, it didn’t move at all, no matter how hard we tried, it had to be cut again. He wanted to go up and cut it again, but a thought came to me. In my naivety, I said: Come on, let’s sit down and pray to God to help us take down this tree, because it’s simpler. And we sat down to pray. I prayed and visualized the tree falling down and us leaving satisfied. In a few seconds something indescribable began. From a quiet, chilli weather with no wind, the wind began to blow really strong, a storm began, a strong vortex only in the area where the tree was and we simply held each other not to be blown away by the wind, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. There was a strange noise, like a very sharp creak, then the sound of lightning and thunder, I tried to see what was happening, but I could not keep my eyes open because of that whirlwind, then a thunderclap and the tree fell. In the next moment, everything calmed down. I thanked God that I was praying to (believing that he helped us), we took the tree and left satisfied.

Here comes the interesting part, after I became aware and discovered telepathy and hypnosis I went in to see what happened there. No God did that “miracle,” only I, my Spirit, made that tree fall. I was fed up with so much work, frozen, I wanted to leave, and my faith in my prayer, my belief that that tree would fall, led to that result. The power is in us.

At the monastery I read all the Akathists and it helped, people felt good, I didn’t know I helped them with the strength of my Spirit, I thought a God did that. The gods do not work miracles, they have our powers that they have tricked us into giving. They fooled our souls, but now we are awakening. We are recovering our Souls and become aware.

But to get back, as I told you, I started going to the cave as often as possible and praying there. There, in silence, my Spirit began to work, to enlighten me, to lead me to the truth. One evening, around 10 pm, I told the abbot that I wanted to go and spend the evening in the cave to pray. I also asked the monk brothers who wanted to come with me. Astonishment, everyone was scared, they started to give me examples from the Philocals that, if I stay in the cave in the evening, the devil comes and throws me out of there, that many have suffered like this… Cowards, I could see the fear in their eyes. Another question mark… I said: “Well, how come you are so afraid, God is protecting us and we are afraid of the Devil?” I didn’t know at the time that they were about the same entities… I saw that I couldn’t convince anyone to come with me, so I left alone, the abbot gave me his approval, half-heartedly, but he gave it. I only took an isoprene to sit on and that was it, I was used to the cold.

I left resolutely, without the slightest fear of anything. The cave was about two kilometers away, but because of the darkness I went the wrong way. I returned with the thought of giving up, but a worker from the monastery appeared and he told me that he could show me the way. He took me there and then he went back. He was sent by my Spirit not to give up. I went up to the cave, it was full of bats. I told them to leave me alone to pray, then I turned left on a narrow corridor, I walked sometime until it closed. It was so narrow I could barely stand. I lit candles, put up a religious icon and began to give my energy through prayers. At 1 o’clock in the morning I couldn’t go on, I kept praying from 11 to say until 1 and I fell asleep suddenly. I lay on the isoprene, it was uncomfortable, only stones, and the ground was inclined at about 35-40 degrees. That’s when it all happened, I felt faint and going out of my body. Then I realised I was in the main gallery, but I was in the body of a white horse with wings. In front of me, where the exit from the cave was, there were some big gates with prison bars, I saw how something invisible opened those gates, put them aside, then the white horse, me, took flight to the sky. Then suddenly I went back into my body. I was not scared, but in my ignorance I thought it had something to do with Satan and I started praying again, then I fell asleep. Now I know that was my Spirit running free, in the shape I used to have on a planet I used to live on -Pegasus.

Around 7 in the morning I woke up, prayed again and went to the monastery. When the brothers and the abbot saw me, they were happy, the questions started, how was it, if I saw the devil, how did he not throw me out of the cave, etc. I burst out laughing, then suddenly I started to see the truth, that fog was lifted from my eyes (etheric contact lenses), I started to receive messages from my Spirit that everything was a big lie, I didn’t feel like going to services, I felt my place wasn’t there anymore.

Meanwhile a new brother had come to the monastery, who saw the entities in reality as I see them now in the astral field. He always used to say to me: “Look, can you see him, the devil is beside us, look, he is in the altar.” He was scared. I asked him what the devil looked like. I could see him too, but he showed himself to me how he wanted me to see him, with horns and everything else, and because I did not have any information on the entities at the time, I couldn’t see his real form. The brother described him to me as an alien, or as a reptilian. I thought he had mental problems, that he must have taken a lot of drugs in his life. But he was seeing the real entities…

So another question was born in my mind: “If God was so strong, what was the Devil doing in His house and in the altar, walking like it was his home? With so many crosses and icons, with so much protection…” Now we know that they are pretty much the same entities and we know the truth. I went one night with that brother to the cave, we prayed, I stayed up all night and my Spirit showed me something again, that everything was a lie.

After these events I suddenly followed my own path again. A few days later, a former colleague appeared to visit. Then the Spirit said: “Alright, that’s it, enough!” I took my luggage and I said “That’s it, I want to leave, goodbye monastery.” The abbot and the brothers tried to convince me not to leave, but to no avail. I left. I left some things in the room with the thought of coming back to take them. They hoped to persuade me to return. They told me to go relax where I wanted, then come back. Then I’m sure they started praying for me to get me back. But I continued my journey of awareness.

After I left the monastery, I returned home, disappointed by all these experiences and I wanted to look for the truth elsewhere, but the entities would not let me. I started going to church again, I was elected counselor (what I saw and heard there …). I swung between two churches, I also helped with services at one of them (I can say that there are priests who are fair and honest and don’t know the truth, but they have to “contribute” and make many material compromises to keep their parishes.) At one point I was offered to go with a priest to make a monastery in a certain area of ​​Romania, where I would be the abbot. Attempts to “hook me”. I accepted.

I arrived with that priest in that area, a beautiful hilly area, close to the mountains. I initially stayed with him, but I worked every day. I was cleaning the pigsty, the stabes, working harder than in the monastery. The same principles, work and obedience. However, I have respect for that priest. I have participated in services. I was insisting to going to the future monastery site to start the work. So he had to take me to another field where he said we were doing the monastery. On the spot, I realized his intention. There was a huge orchard, it was the time when the plums were harvested. He said we were doing the monastery, but first we had to pick the plums. I did that too. He had a caravan in that area and I suggested that he leave me there to guard. But I wanted to be alone in reclusion there because it was on a hill difficult to reach, in the area, at a great distance, there were only some shepherds who had sheepfolds. Anyway, my dream, since I was at the monastery, was to find a cave and stay as a hermit there all my life. I even looked for a cave unknown to others to live in, with the thought of feeding only on the fruits of the earth. That hermitage was what I always wanted.

I started living in that caravan, after work I prayed nonstop, I was still parasitized. At one point this priest said he would leave the village for a week. Perfect for me, I thought, I could sit quietly in prayer in the caravan. I told him to leave me some bread and a little rice, the rest I would eat plums, apples, nuts and not to bother me at all because I want hermitage. He said he would, he wouldn’t send anyone to me for a week. The next day I put out bread to dry to make crackers, the monks’ way. I was vegan, anyway, plus I was on long dry fasts with only air. I went to work in the orchard and when I returned I saw that two huge crows, the kind of crows fighting with eagles, had taken my bread. I remember asking God how he made Elijah send the ravens into the wilderness to bring him food, and he sent them to me to take the food away. It wasn’t a big loss, I had fruit. I prayed non-stop, and the evenings were interesting. Around 12 o’clock at night, wild boars and other living things could be heard. I was going out to scare them. But at one point there was a strange noise, something inexplicable, words … I thought the Devil came. I took a stick with a big cross on it to go out and drive it away, but another thought came to me: If there are people stealing, what do I do with this? So I took an axe in my left hand. If anyone saw me, it was like comedy movies. I kicked the door, jumped out of the caravan, pointed the staff with the cross in front of me and shouted: “Get out, Satan, from wherever you are and begone! I’m burning you now with the power of Jesus.” Then I would spin the ax and shout: “Hey, I see you, you came to steal, I’m armed, leave now and I won’t harm you!” It was total darkness, I walked through the orchard, “armed” like that, but it was nothing. I turned inside and began to pray again. That’s just to point out how interfered we can be.

So, I stayed in that caravan with the thought of sitting in isolation, fasting and praying, without any contact, parasitized by those entities I prayed to (I did not know then the truth that these gods are entities without value and power, we give them power… All religions lead us to obedience so that all the gods may be nourished by our energy. They instilled in us the fear that they are stronger, so that we pray to them, to give them energy so that they live for  thousands and thousands of years ).

After 4 days of prayers, the Spirit began to show me that my place was not there, that I was a free and strong spirit. Then I wanted to leave, but I couldn’t. I began to pray, to feed the reptilian Yahweh again, and to take the PO from there. Of course they didn’t have this thought, they were just feeding them. And again my spirit helped me and got me out of there, made the connections. The fourth evening I was walking through the orchard and I saw the headlights of a car. When it came closer, I saw that it was the priest’s trusted man. He told me: “Come on, the priest sent me to take you home.” “Okay, God heard my prayers,” I said.

I went home to the priest, I took a shower, he was not in yet, I started eating and the priest appeared. He started screaming at his trusted man, asking what I was doing there, why had he brought me home. He said: “But, you said I should go and bring Florian home.” He replied: “No, I told you to get him food, to see if he’s okay and leave him there.” So my Spirit influenced the events in my favor, to take me home, to get me out of there, totally the opposite of the priest’s will. And then he helped me again and I said to the priest: “OK, I’m done, I’m tired of this joke, you lied to me that we’re building a monastery and in fact you just wanted to use me to work for you.” And the next day I left driven by my spirit to freedom.

But the religious entities did not want to let me escape, they took me back on their contracts. I arrived at the Bistrita monastery in Piatra Neamt, I wanted to become a monk there, but, to my surprise, I was told that they could not accept me in the monastery, that they should not have let me resign to become a monk, in the first place anyway, having minor children to whom I had to pay alimony to (I paid them anyway). Then I went to a few more monasteries, but my Spirit continued to lead me on the road to freedom, to awareness.

But the First Man and Yahweh would not let me, when I got home they stretched the nets and activated the implants and brought me closer to them. They took me to the Adventists, I went from bad to worse. The parasitizing was more intense, I spent my time only in prayer, I was a submissive slave, dry fasting, vegan with pure energy).

Adventists follow the Old Testament a lot, observing the Sabbath, following the model of Yahweh. The interference was so fast that I didn’t realize it either, I had a little left to becoming a pastor. I was christened with them in 3 months. Totally hooked. Likewise, I prayed and what I prayed materialized (I thought I was doing it with the power of this god, but it was my power, the Spirit). Here, however, I learned another good thing – veganism and raw-veganism (eating raw), another confirmation that these entities wanted pure, clean energy.

Shortly after my christening, I attended a nutrition educator course. But other than that I kew nothing but praying. There I had 2 more attempts to leave, the entities wanted to kill me, but the spirit saved me. After the course I became a missionary, I went to a beautiful town to parasitize others, to bring others to this religion.

But my Spirit continued to work and lead me to the truth. The road changed when I went to the mountains, in Bucegi, with a friend. He was trying to show me the truth, that it is not true that the earth is 6,000 years old, as the Bible says, that scientists have proved this with special equipment; plus other scriptural, historical evidence that religion is plagiarized … that these gods are actually aliens… I spent an evening at the Omu lodge and my friend explained to me about the good energies there and went to a rock where it is said to have been was a portal and a ship was seen from where some Arcturians descended. In my ignorance I was standing on that rock and praying to God. I felt something strange at one point, some energies coming into me from the ground, I was almost levitating.

We left there to go home, we went down, at one point we were walking on a narrow path, on the right was the slope, on the left a ravine. We went up and down the whole mountain route on foot on Jepi. Then I heard the voice of my Spirit again and I said to my friend who was in front of me, at a short distance: “All right, you’re right, I’ll research to find out what you’re talking about. That click occurred. Well … The next second he turned to me surprised that I came around so suddenly, and from the right, on the slope, a large rock came off and came towards me. The spirit kept me from moving. That rock passed by my nose, almost touching it, I could smell it, and it fell into the ravine. It was meant for me, if it touched me, I would have fallen into the depth. My friend was surprised at the coincidence. I smiled and continued on our way.

But let me return to the next episode on my way to awareness. As a child I was a warrior, I defied death, I had no attachments of any kind, I was rebellious, sovereign, but an atheist. However, I was talking to myself (not knowing that I was talking to my Spirit), I was just stating what goal I was aiming for (for example, I was saying: Florian, I don’t care how you do it, but tomorrow we have to solve this problem…) then I didn’t bother anymore, but I had the strong feeling that it has been resolved. And honestly, that’s what happened. Everything I set out to do was happening.

Here is the secret: to ask, to visualize and to stay calm and focused, in the state of happiness that I am in when I have what I asked for. I’ll give you a short example. After I came from the monastery I submitted a memorandum to return to the old profession, although the Spirit told me that it would not happen again, but the Soul and Mind were still longing. Then, unwittingly, I materialized again: I was watching a Romanian comedy on TV, where there was a postman, and I was wondering what it would be like to be a postman, because all my life I had a field job, active, I didn’t want a monotonous, office job. And I played a little and visualized, and soon I got hired as a… postman!

But I wanted to get to something else. One day, a colleague tells me: “Florian, I’m going on vacation, I talked to the boss and I’ll give you my sector. And a gentleman will come to collect some envelopes, they are important and he doesn’t want to leave them in the mailbox because some children might come and steal them for fun…” “OK,” I said. That same day I went to a mall where I saw a really nice jacket, I really liked it, I said I had to have it, I saw myself dressed in it, I tried it on. But it cost 300 RON and I didn’t have money, the salary would be paid in a week. I was “stubborn” and I thought I had to have that jacket in a few days. But I didn’t want to borrow, so I said it would work out somehow and I didn’t think about it. That was the first day. Nobody knew about my wish. The next day that gentleman came, we met, I gave him the envelopes, we talked a little more, then he went to work, telling me that he would come the next day to get another envelope.

The next he day came back, we had some very interesting discussions on spirituality, and when he left, he said to me: “Mr. Florian, we just met, I want to tell you something, tomorrow I am holding a commemoration for my father, I can’t ask you to come, because I understand that you are not following these practices anymore, but I want to give you some kind of alms for my father…” And without me being able to do anything he put an envelope in my pocket and left quickly, probably believing I would refuse him. Of course, I tried to give it back to him, but he refused. I thanked him and left. In the office, I took that envelope out of my pocket, curious to see what he gave me for his father. There were 300 RON in the envelope. Instantly, my thought went to the jacket I wanted. After I left work I went and bought the jacket. So we can’t always know how the energy works, we just have to believe in the power of our Spirit.

But let’s get back on my way to awareness. After I returned from my trip to Bucegi, and the attempt of these powerless entities to eliminate me, I started to process the information I got from my friend and to research, to search, to study. But at the same time, these entities were trying to bring me back to another plan. Implants were activated and “arrows” appeared to take me to Reiki. Something new for me. I went to a meeting, a teacher recruited me, immediately took me through initiation (parasitizing with strings) and what a surprise, they also worked with gods, saints, archangels, the same entities. I didn’t stay there too long and I’ll tell you why. The teacher started to check my energies and then to say that I have some incredible energies, they all jumped on me like an object of study. All the students always came to get their hands on me, they did all kinds of activations with their palms on me. I stayed for a while but at one point I gave up being the battery and their guinea pig and left.

After this event the entities started attacking me again with thoughts and the strongest thing was to go and join the Jews faith. That is, sending energy directly to the First Man and Yahweh, without other entities, directly to the chief. I started looking for synagogues, rabbis, looking for Jewish prayer books. On the other hand, the Spirit took me on Google, on FaceBook, searching for the Truth, researching evidence, historical and scriptural evidence. The fight was hard, the Soul was fooled, it still had strings from these gods – the ancient aliens, who have very great power on Earth, power that we give through prayers. I fell into the trap of the entities again and bought the Siddur, the book of Jewish prayers, translated into Romanian. The fight started, I went straight to the boss, I only gave him my energy. That is, if I gave energy directly to the bosses, whatever else entities I had until then – the smaller entities – Mantises and Greys, Archons, etc., were beginning to be removed by Yahweh and the First Man. And I felt it, everything cracked in the house when I read that Sidur, I also did some special Sabbath rituals. And then I started to see something on the ceiling.

The game started, portals were opening in my room, Greys appeared and disappeared, I remember I had a strange Grey, there was a big Zetta Reticuli in the corner of the ceiling, he was sitting upside down when I saw him and he realized it. He jumped from corner to corner, but did not leave, then a portal opened in the middle of the room on the floor, like a vortex and extracted him. But they were also Mantises and Disembodied Spirits, it was madness… The good part was that the First Man and Yahweh annihilated their rivals, so that only they would stay with me, that they would feed only themselves. So that’s how I got rid of the rest. I continued with Sidur, Yahweh, and I was about to join the Jewish religion. Then my spirit vibrated, he took my Soul and said to it: “Stop playing, that’s it, we are done, listen to me and come see the truth.” But do you know why? Because through everything I had gone through, I still felt that the truth was not there and I was not fulfilled, I was looking, I did not stop. I had to get to the Spirit, to the truth …

The Spirit kept working and after those entities were absorbed by the portals and disappeared from the house, I started to recover and receive clear messages again, I gave up everything, Siddhur, the Bible, I threw everything away. I started to go online, to research, to search, to get into spirituality groups. On the other hand Yahweh and PO were pulling me to go their way. It was an ugly fight. Entities appeared again, from time to time I fell and prayed to God. And Greys appeared again in the house… Portals opened and I could see through the ceiling the sky, ships. I didn’t know what was happening, I wasn’t afraid, but I didn’t understand. Then I joined an online group where my awareness began to accelerate. The spirit vibrated and the final call and change began.

In that group I came across a lady who helped me, I started to study, to understand what they were writing about and suddenly there was the click, the transition. The etheric lenses fell. I began to realize quickly just how badly I had been fooled from atheism into religion. She kept telling me to look for regressive hypnosis sessions, but I never managed to see a session. Then I found out why. So that I wouldn’t be influenced. I didn’t watch any sessions. If you have experience in sessions, you know how to distinguish a false or mental telepath from a real one. The one who has abilities when he is sent through a portal in other lives, says quickly what he sees there, he is logical and answers questions quickly in informative sessions. The one who takes a long time, makes his film in his mind, improvises. A good telepath sees entities even without entering the astral, sees the aura, sees what problems a person has. That’s why I never knew anything in advance, I didn’t ask to be told. I find the causes and problems there.

At one point in the group another person appeared whom I befriended. He was a regressive hypnosys coordinator and, after hearing some of my stories, he proposed to put me into a hypnotyc trance. I did this over the phone, I was at the seaside sea and I didn’t even know what he looked like. So I laid down in bed and he counted me. And I really don’t know what he was saying there, but at some point I came out of my body and looked at myself. He said: “Come to my house, enter my body.” At that moment, a portal opened that pulled me and I found myself in his body. I could see through his eyes and I could hear through his ears. He made me describe everything to him. I told him: “You are  sitting in front of the house and smoke with your left hand, it is raining, you have a sidewalk in front, in the yard, on the left and on the right there is a flower garden, in front of the green fence, cars…” I described them. He said: “OK, that’s right, now, come on, let’s go on Sirius,” he said and I went with him. We walked through other places, then he said: “Let’s make a planet.” I made it, with the flora and fauna, very beautiful, it still exists. Then he said: “Come on, let’s go out, get back in your body.” I entered my body and when I opened my eyes, he asked me how long I thought it was. I said: “5 minutes, why was it so fast?” He said: “Look at the clock.” When I looked, 4 and a half hours had passed. This was my first astral outing. Since then I have had hundreds and hundreds of other outings and every time I learned something new… We can all do that, we just have to want to and to remember how…

Reconnect with the Source of All Creation, as extensions of it we are strong and the power is within us. Our Spirits from the Infinite Absolute Eternal Primary Source of All Creation, which are the 12th part of the energy of our Spirits, help us. LET’S FREE THE EARTH from this Matrix. Let’s start mass awareness.

We are pure, infinite, indestructible, positive and beneficial light, inexhaustible.


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