Most of the time there is a waiting time of 2 months or more for the Energy Cleaning and Integration Session. The following set of empowering affirmations is meant to be a tool you can use to awaken the energies of your Spirit, Soul and Mind, to take back your infinite power and to start healing and unifying your energies yourself.

Consider this an exercise to help you on your way to assuming responsibility for your freedom! Remember: your intention is the most powerful creative force in the Universe!

You can also download them as a PDF to print and keep handy. And you can access them at any time as a guided meditation on our YouTube channel here

Self-empowering Affirmations

I, (your full name), bring back and reunite all the energies of my Soul, Spirit, Mind, Heart, my astral and physical bodies, my energetic aura, and all the energies that I have given or that have been taken from me with or without my will, from wherever they are, from all dimensions, densities, levels, worlds and realities, from any universe, from any timeline of the past, present and future; I bring them back cleaned and beneficially activated for me, Now and Forever!

I unite my Mind, Soul, Spirit, Heart, my astral and physical bodies, forming a single energetic sphere with a single beneficial, positive, powerful and creative energy, which listens only to me and keeps its energies only for me, Now and Forever!

I bring all my energies back, replenish my energy aura and form an indestructible energy shield Now and Forever!

I destroy all the holograms and clones created after me and from me, Now and Forever!

I ask the All-Creator Consciousness for all the positive and beneficial thoughts I emit to be materialized, and for all the negative and non-beneficial thoughts to be instantly burned and dissolved, Now and Forever!

I ask that my Soul, Spirit, Mind and Heart, my Consciousness, my astral bodies and physical body receive all the necessary beneficial energy from the Primary Eternal Infinite Absolute Source of All Creation, from the Eternal Consciousness and from the Spirit of the Earth. I ask that my chakras are cleared, opened, united and activated and my DNA is cleaned and activated. I ask my cells and neurons to function at full capacity and to regenerate together with all my organs. I ask that my astral bodies and physical body with all its systems are positively and beneficially energized, Now and Forever! Thank you!

I declare null and void, revoke, burn and dissolve all contracts, as well as their copies, duplicates, annexes, additions, restitution clauses, reservations, copies of other parts and mirrorings of all the above, all strings, ties, vows, obligations, pledges, tasks, commitments, promises and religious rituals of any type and kind, made with any negative and unbeneficial entity which is in my energy sphere, in any of my bodies and which interferes with me, from any life and from any timeline from the past, present and future, from all dimensions, densities, levels, worlds and realities, from any universe; and any unbeneficial energetic and etheric connection made with them, Now, Irrevocably and Forever!

I remove, burn and dissolve all implants, impressions, recordings, overlaps, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes, identities, frozen emotions and anything else related to these contracts, all unbeneficial programs created by my Mind, all blockages – energetic or of any other kind, all vows of poverty, slavery, chastity, obedience, all sentimental, financial or sexual pledges, all spells, charms, curses or negative words, Now, Irrevocably and Forever!

I remove, burn and dissolve all rituals performed on me and my energetic and physical bodies, on my energetic aura from any life and any timeline of the past, present and future, from all dimensions, densities, levels, worlds and realities, from any universe, Now, Irrevocably and Forever!

I burn and dissolve irrevocably all feelings of guilt and shame, helplessness, lack of self-confidence, all fears, all negative and unbeneficial thoughts of financial and existential anxiety, I connect with the Spirit and energy of Prosperity and attract like a magnet financial abundance, positive energies and love, Now and Forever!

I command all entities, spirits, souls, strings, blockages, energies and interferences that are negative or unbeneficial to me and that interfere with me in any way to move away from my bodies and my energy sphere and aura, to open up a portal and go in the Galactic Vacuum, then I close and seal this portal Now, Irrevocably and Forever!

I raise my vibrations to what intensity is necessary and burn with my pure light all the negative and unbeneficial entities and energies that interfere with me, all the implants, all the diseases and blockages Now and Forever!

I ask the Infinite Source of All Creation, the All-Creating Consciousness and the Spirit of the Earth to cleanse my Subconscious, Spirit, Soul, Mind, Heart and Consciousness, all my astral and physical bodies, to keep them permanently connected with their beneficial energies and to materialize instantly all the positive and beneficial thoughts, objectives, plans and goals that I issue for myself and others, Now and Forever! Thank you!

I ask that the Absolute Infinite Eternal Source of All Creation, the Almighty Consciousness, the Spirit of the Earth and my Spirit always show me the plan they have for me, I ask that they give me wisdom and guide me to realize this plan and they make the necessary connections with other spirits, souls, people and positive entities that are beneficial to me, in order to facilitate the materialization of positive desires and thoughts that I emit and that are beneficial to me and other people, and the materialization of the beneficial plan they have for me Now and Forever! Thank you!

I ask that my Spirit, the Absolute Infinite Eternal Source of All Creation, the Almighty Consciousness and the Spirit of the Earth bring me and activate all my divine rights, talents, paranormal abilities of telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, teleportation, astral vision and travel, of immediate materialization of the beneficial thoughts and words I utter, the abilities to master the secret of matter and materialization, to drive away negative and non-beneficial matter and entities, to heal myself and other entities, and all the abilities and powers I need Now and Forever!

I am Free Spirit, Sovereign and Creator and I am one and the same with the Absolute Infinite Eternal Source of All Creation, with the Almighty Consciousness, with my Spirit and Soul, I am Energy, Vibration and Pure, Positive and Beneficial Light, that burns any negative or non-beneficial entity and spirit trying to interfere with me, Now and Forever!

I ask the All-Creating Consciousness to reshape all my intentions, thoughts, words, requests and desires that are positive and beneficial for me, to insert them in mirrors, to protect and manage them with me so that my life is mine, and so that I realize everything I think and aim for, Now and Forever! Thanks!

The affirmations are to be said in the morning, on waking and in the evening, before going to sleep. When you order negative entities, energies, emotions etc. to get out of your energy sphere, do it in a firm tone, like an army general.

Affirmations can also be said in the mind, but the thought should be firm when you give orders.

After saying the affirmations, you can do a little meditation:

Stay calm with your eyes closed, drive away all thoughts and connect with your Spirit and with the Primary Source. You talk to them mentally. You ask them to clean you up. Visualize your Spirit… that sphere of pure light entering all your cells, physically, and extracting all negative and non-beneficial energies. Then send it to the Primary Source to burn and dissolve them. And thank them.

It is good to talk to your Spirit (your Higher Self) as often as possible, as if you were talking to a friend, asking for guidance and support and what else you want. Be aware: The Soul, although as powerful, is innocent and naive, tell her to listen to the Spirit. Also talk DAILY with your SOUL, tell her not to be fooled … not to give her energies to anyone… to keep them just for you and to not repeat the experiences through which she gave energy!

It is advisable to do this for at least 21 days. (For this NeuroLinguistic Programming to be implemented in the subconscious.) And sleep is very important… to rest well, even during the day for a few minutes, if you can.

When you want to maximize your vibrations, visualize how your body fills with energy and shines… and believe that you did it!

For energy protection, imagine that you have permanently wrapped yourself in an indestructible, impenetrable and invisible Sphere of Pure Energy. If you have unpleasant situations when your vibrations decrease (fear, anger, depression), mentally reactivate the sphere, because cracks can appear in these cases.


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