We can feel the truth, not only know it! Trust your intuition!

We can feel the truth, not only know it! Trust your intuition!

Many of the people with whom I talked about the books of Professor Corrado Malanga told me that they started reading but either they found it too difficult to understand, or they got scared and… stopped, but that “they got the idea, they understood in general, what it meant”…

I don’t think you can read Malanga’s books in part and hope that you can fully understand what he discovered. And another very important aspect is that you cannot understand him if you have not reached the moment in your path of awareness in which to be prepared for this, if you do not have an awakened Soul and a strong Spirit and, especially, if his information does not connect to some very strong personal experiences.

My first contact with Malanga’s theories was listening to a recording of his Livorno conference in a share on FB. The one who posted the recording usually posted interesting information about spirituality and personal development, so I opened the recording.

At first I thought the man was crazy: UFOs, aliens who want to steal your soul, holograms, dreams, subconscious, hypnosis, quantum physics, mythology, history, probabilistic mathematics, philosophy, symbolism, anthropology, religions… A fantastic mix…

I was hovering the mouse button to stop all that nonsense when he began to describe an alien entity: the LUX. And then all the blood ran down my cheeks, my legs started shaking and … I kept listening. Why? Because I had met this entity!

I have been dreaming since I was a child. Every night I have more or less fantastic dreams, incredible, intense and very real, with precise details, colours, noises, smells, tactile perceptions, and most of them with absolutely no meaning in this world.

And one night, in 2010, when I was pregnant and still didn’t know much about extra-terrestrial species or OBE’s (Out of Body Experiences), I dreamed of the Lux. In the dream I was floating in space and I felt happy, weightless, calm, one with the whole Universe, all around infinite space with billions of stars… One of the stars began to become brighter and brighter, until I realized that it was coming towards me… It grew bigger and bigger and took the shape of a child made of light, with  head and hands, but I couldn’t see any legs.

Because I was pregnant and I knew that Souls come into the body before the baby is born, I made the only connection I could have made: it was my baby’s Soul… I was waiting for her with open arms… But the shape was getting closer and closer and I saw that instead of eyes it had two black holes. And that was like an alarm signal. I felt something was wrong and I got scared and blocked the connection. And, the moment it arrived, I became very small and I went through one of the black holes and I found myself in the universe again; then I woke up very scared, knowing that that being, whatever it was, had not had very good intentions…

Only 7 years after this dream would I find out that it was a being of light, the Lux, and that its intention had been to attach to my energies or that of my child, and to parasitize us, in exactly the same way described by hundreds of other people in Malanga’s hypnoses…

So I kept listening to what this man had to say. And, one by one, he described a lot of entities and how they appear in dreams or visions. And the more he spoke, the more terrified I was, because he was describing many of the beings in my fantastic dreams: snakes / lizards / crocodiles – Reptilians, black dogs – Anubis beings; spiders / huge mosquitoes – Insectoids; tall blondes / tall redheads dressed in blue – Orange aliens; ugly dwarfs / actual black skinned people – Greys; even lions – lion-headed creatures, who would be all around me but never harm me. Not to mention the soldiers who often used to chase me in recurring dreams on white hallways of hospitals or dark catacombs with many rooms…

I have never really had a paranormal event in my daily life that I can remember, they do their job well to block my memories, but my Subconscious always reminds me of all this through my dreams. And, yes, it is a personal experience, anyone who does not live my dreams every night can say that I am crazy. But I know better…

This conference left me with an indescribable fear of falling asleep at night, yes; but it also left me with a hope: when the Soul wakes up, it can no longer be truly fooled. And, because it is part of the most powerful force in the Universe, if it doesn’t want it, no one can do anything to it! I, unlike many others, had no choice but to believe all this. I KNEW it was true, I had always felt it, sensed it somehow, but now I had the confirmation…

So I did the only thing I could do: I started looking to know more, to find out everything I could about it, to understand how I could defend myself… I searched for days, which turned into weeks, months, years and I read everything I could find, I listened to everything I could find on YouTube.

Once I started, the “coincidences” = synchronicities started, the awareness process accelerated, I started to have lucid dreams, in which I could control what was happening to me and protect myself instead of running away scared every time…

I began to understand that yes, I am part of that unique eternal intelligent energy that exists, which Malanga calls Eternal Consciousness and which created the dual holographic Universe as a means of self-knowledge. And which is NOT the same thing with the Creator or with the Gods of earthly religions…

I understand now why I’m so creative, why I like true beauty – HARMONY – and I’m not that interested in money, why I always forgive everyone and it never occurs to me to ever intentionally hurt someone, why I don’t accept authority and I don’t obey stupid rules, why I always tried to know, to learn as much as possible, to comprehend all I could about the world outside me and the one inside.

Why am I this way and do all this? Because my soul woke up! The whole Universe is just an emanation, a vibration of this Conscious Energy that does not punish, does not forgive, does not help and does not love from somewhere high above, it does all this from here on Earth and in every corner of the Universe THROUGH our Souls, which are parts of it.

And then the FEAR disappeared, because I understood that the others are just points of the same whole of which I am a part of, and that in the dual universe everyone acts from separation  and ignorance only until they can perceive and comprehend the whole. And that I can create my reality BY INTENTION as a point of Consciousness, just as Consciousness created an entire universe… That there is no good and evil, they are only partial perceptions of the whole… And then my Universe has become friendly again…

But it took many years of my life to keep searching… both outside and inside. And it took many dead ends and much confusion and uncertainty. And I’m still searching. Each of us can understand Malanga through the prism of their own life experiences and only when they are ready. And there’s something else. Here on Earth, we all have a limited understanding of the one Truth if we limit ourselves only to the rationality of the mind and to the perceptions of the body.

That’s why you are here and are reading this article… Because your Soul knows that the Universe is more than what we can perceive… Malanga’s theory is only another step, although a big one, in awareness, I’m sure.

The conclusion he reached is that the Soul and Spirit of each being are halves of the same point of Consciousness, which separated at entry on the frequency of the Dual Universe. The Soul does not have the axis of time, meaning it is immortal, it contains all the time, it is TIME, it exists in every point of time from the beginning to the end of the Universe created by the separation of this eternal Consciousness (the only form of intelligent energy that exists).

And the Spirit does not have the axis of Space, existing in every point of space of the Universe, it is the energy of SPACE. And to acquire self-knowledge in a state of separation, a third dimension is necessary, the Energy of the Mind, through which we know, we comprehend ourselves. The Mind does not have the axis of Energy, it contains all the energy in the Universe, through it we are connected to all the other Minds and to the energy of Consciousness. All these 3 energies, of the Soul, of the Spirit and of the Mind are only parts of the energy of Consciousness.

This is very important, because it means that each of the beings of the Universe are points of the same Consciousness which created the whole Universe by its own separation, by breaking into small pieces, which have exactly the same characteristics as the Consciousness within which they separated… And all these points are connected to each other as in a network and are constantly moving and changing INSIDE THE CONSCIOUSNESS, because outside of it there is nothing…

We are like cells of a body, the cell might perceive itself separated from the rest of the body, but the body knows better… Every second millions of cells die and millions are born in a human body. But the body keeps functioning as one. The energy stays the same.

Everything we perceive and everything we do not perceive in the Universe can exist only within this Consciousness. Which we CANNOT call God. Why? Because “God” means something else entirely. I wrote another blog post about where this word has its roots and what it actually means. So we are not limited beings, created by another omnipotent being, although our bodies may very well be… But we are unlimited time and space and energy, points of Consciousness which choose to experience here, on Earth, in bodies limited by certain perceptions, with hidden memory of what we are in reality.

Why? So that the Consciousness knows itself in billions of billions of different ways, because, being the only form of intelligent energy that exists, it has no term of comparison, and the only way to know who it is is to separate into pieces, which can then observe each other and interact, thus leading to complex and complete self-knowledge; and to returning, with each fragment of experimentation and self-knowledge, to the initial unity, in which good and evil are only parts of the same whole…

Whichever way we go, whatever we choose, we  shall inevitably end up in the same point – COMPLETE SELF-KNOWLEDGE. But we can suffer less if we understand faster that WE MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for our own path and neither ask for nor expect outside help from any supernatural or omnipotent being, that no one and nothing is above or below each of us and that we are everything and we can do anything in this Universe that we have created…

Then we can realize that the only way to end this game of self-knowledge is to play it together and not against each other… Let’s see each other without fear and without judgment, let’s look for answers together, put the information together, let’s do this together and continue the adventure of experimentation and self-knowledge.

So, safe travels, everyone and easy awakening!

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