Aliens: Negative Entities vs. Beings of Light – The New Age Con

Aliens: Negative Entities vs. Beings of Light – The New Age Con

I have been reading for many years on many websites, blogs or Facebook groups many articles and comments about aliens, negative alien entities, beings of light, spiritual guides and the lot. Most of those who have learned about extraterrestrial beings, divide them into the positive and the negative, following the dual model of religions filled with angels and demons. Let me ask you something: Are you 100% positive or 100% negative? How many of the hundreds or thousands of people you probably know can you say are just good or just bad?

Please, before reading all these comments and articles, which will make you BELIEVE what you read THROUGH THE REPEATED INTRODUCTION OF THE SAME INFORMATION INTO THE SUBCONSCIOUS, read Corrado Malanga’s “Genesis”! If you don’t have it, ask me where you can find it. The man writes what hundreds of different Souls told him in regressive hypnosis sessions and his information is very clearly structured and makes perfect sense. We are all energy points from that one form of conscious energy that exists and that he calls Consciousness.

“Consciousness has always existed because it is eternal. But one day (temporary symbolism that makes no sense: we should say “in a perceptual moment” N.A.) it wakes up and lights up. At that moment it becomes self-aware (it realizes that it is, that it exists) but it does not know how it is made (it does not have self knowledge). The only way it can find out how it’s made would be to look in a mirror, but that doesn’t exist yet. Then Consciousness creates a mirror to look at, the mirror being the representation of the virtual universe (…). At this point the Consciousness decides that it must live the experience of itself: it must know, not just look in the mirror, it must know itself, it must touch, if it could be said so. At this moment the Consciousness emanates through an act of will the desire to live this experience and decides to live it without any limitations. At that moment, merely by intention, it produces the appearance of dualism. ” (Genesis I, by Corrado Malanga).

In fact, we are DUAL, LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE THAT EXISTS IN THE DUAL UNIVERSE, INCLUDING THESE ENTITIES! We are all just energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Researchers have already invented machines that kill bacteria by emitting the frequency exactly opposite to the frequency of the existence of those bacteria … The energy of this point of Consciousness that is each of us vibrates between certain frequencies. Emotions also have different frequencies and when we feel them, our energy vibrates on the respective frequency of each emotion. The whole dual Universe vibrates between certain frequencies.

EVERYTHING IS VIBRATION. Energy is not lost, it is not gained, it is only transformed, says science. In fact, we can say that it transfers. From one point of space to another and / or from one point of time to another. At the micro level, one million cells “die” in my body every second. Do I feel that? Their energy is simply transferred to the body and to the new million cells that are born. Likewise, my energy, as a point of Consciousness, is transferred at the moment of death of the physical body from that point of time and space to another point of time and space.

There are so many things we don’t know about ourselves, we have no idea how our body works, yet we want to understand why and how the Universe works. We can choose to stop seeking and learning because it is too complicated, too much or too difficult, or we can choose to take responsibility for learning and to empower each other by asking questions, by questioning everything, by looking for answers and by sharing information with as many people as possible.

Information is everywhere, the “secrets” of the Universe are contained in an atom, it’s just that we have not yet reached their frequency. It’s like we want to see infrared waves without special glasses. The secrets are out there, we just don’t have the special glasses for the truth. One’s degree of knowledge and awareness gives the frequency on which his energy vibrates. The more we know about ourselves and the surrounding reality, the closer we are to the frequency of the energy of Consciousness.

All these extra-terrestrial entities, beings of light, spiritual guides, etc. can’t “see” without “special” glasses. Likewise, many human beings simply cannot perceive the connection with the energy of the Soul – empathetic and creative. The frequency at which they vibrate is that of ignorance, of lack of self knowledge, and therefore they are afraid. Afraid of pain, suffering, death. So they can’t feel the connection at all and they can’t assume their own path of awareness, of self-knowledge and experimentation through living and being.

All these beings, INCLUDING THE HUMAN ones, are frozen in powerlessness, because they are afraid to feel the physical and emotional pain, the separation. They do not assume the relationship with the partner for fear of rejection, do not give everything they can in the work they do for fear of failure, do not assume parenting for fear of repeating the mistakes of their own parents etc…

And all the choices they make are made unconsciously to keep them in the state they are in, because no matter how bad that is, at least it’s a state THEY KNOW. And the unknown scares them more than anything, so they will choose to remain in suffering, in fear, in helplessness, they will vibrate on these frequencies and will thus attract situations and beings that vibrate on the same frequency.

So, when you read about the “negative” extra-terrestrial entities that want to keep us in the Matrix or the positive Intergalactic Federation and how they want to help us, remember that there is not a single atom in the entire dual universe that is not DUAL!

Fear of “negative” extra-terrestrials and hope in getting help from the “positive” ones keep us in the state of UN-CONSCIOUSNESS, a state in which we go with the flow, we submit to the majority, we believe everything we hear, we let others do things and make decisions for us, because we don’t know ourselves well enough and do not believe that we are able to assume our own path of self-knowledge.

Yes, here we are much more separated, because with each level of separation of the energy of Consciousness, the connection with the other points of Consciousness is more hidden, and most people do not even know of the existence of those special “glasses”, let alone how to use it! They are: creativity, intuition, extrasensory perceptions, superpowers like telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, premonitions, self-healing…

But when we constantly seek and search the outside and inside worlds, we come to understand that any mistake we have made does not even need to be forgiven, because we have only done everything we could with the little information and power we had at that point in space and time… Then suddenly, the forgiving of an abusive parent, an unfaithful partner, an ungrateful child, a friend you can’t rely on, it doesn’t even make sense anymore, because we can also perceive their side of the Truth. Likewise, the forgiving of the “negative” entity that has connected to our energies because it vibrates on the same frequency with our fear, pain, helplessness, ignorance, and is trying to keep us there as long as possible through any means possible, also no longer seems necessary…

And then we learn to let everyone be what they can be. Then we understand that the outside world is only the reflection of our inner world by the energy of Consciousness. We understand that working with our thoughts and emotions, with memories, projections, beliefs, personal traumas is the most important thing. As much as any human or alien entity would try to fool us, if we know our strengths and weaknesses, our mental, emotional, intuitive, creative abilities; if our energies – Spirit (Will + Power), Soul (Creativity + Intuition) and Mind (Knowledge + Reason) vibrate together in harmony, then all these “negative” entities can give it all their might, they have no way to reach us. Simply because our vibration is DIFFERENT. As simple as that.

That is why whatever energy cleansing you do, any type of therapy, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS ASSUMING THE PATH OF AWARENESS AND SELF-KNOWLEDGE. If this does not happen constantly, you can do years of psychotherapy, dozens of energy cleanses or regressive hypnosis sessions, and feel that it is not enough or that not much has changed.

The path of awareness is personal, look for tools to get to know yourself better, learn about your own body, about needs, about emotions, about temperaments, about communication, about traumas, about how thoughts can create reality, etc. Look for information and people to empower you, not to help you, because the one who empowers you gives you strength through the information and tools he shares with you, but you hand over your power to the one who helps you, because you position him above what you are.

“Birds of a feather flock together.” Be careful what groups you enter, the vibration of the group is usually stronger than that of a single person and can influence you without you even realizing it. And turn off the TV, it fills you with fears and mental programs, it drains your energy and takes away your power.

We are what we eat, drink, breathe, read, listen, see, feel, think! Every action we take adds a little self-knowledge to the point of Consciousness that we are and, implicitly, to the knowledge of the whole Consciousness. Any action is at the same time a consequence of all the choices and actions ever made, but also a cause of future choices and actions.

So all we can do is make every choice and do every action CONSCIOUSLY by UNDERSTANDING, KNOWING and FEELING as fully as possible the point in space and time where our energy is. The point in Consciousness where WE VIBRATE HERE AND NOW. This is the only way we can end the game of Self-Knowledge.

And beware, too much breaks the bag! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. When you feel like you need a break from searching, self-knowledge and self-work, take a nap, go for a walk and forget about everything and everyone or do something you enjoy. Even for weeks or months if you need it.

But too little is not enough, do not leave for tomorrow what you could do today, do something for self-knowledge every day, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Whether you meditate, write in a journal, read a book about health, positive thinking or emotions awareness, whether you observe yourself or ask yourself questions, or you heal memories or traumas, or you do something creative, sing or dance, all this helps you to keep your energies together, to put them to work together in the body you have chosen to experience here and now.

And slowly by slowly you will enter the vibrational frequency of Consciousness, from where you will perceive all beings as “kids” of Consciousness, who stumble and fall, until they learn to walk in the light, and then they stumble and fall until they learn to walk in the dark, just like you did and still do at times…

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