An Alternative Genesis

An Alternative Genesis

Who am I? Where do I come from? Why am I here? Where do I go when I die? Do I have a purpose?

How many times have you asked yourself these perpetual questions of the human race? This article proposes some answers more or less different to ones in various religions or philosophies you might have already encountered so far in your quest for the truth.

Open your mind for a bit and consider this alternative Genesis version: An eternal intelligent form of energy, that we shall call The Consciousness or The Source of All Creation, is the ONLY form of energy that exists in REALITY. This eternal, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent Consciousness created a Holographic Universe and all that is in it as a mirror, with the only purpose of knowing itself: what it is and what it can do. And it has been ever since sending little pieces of itself, of eternal energy, to experience in this Universe what the Consciousness could not experience in any other way: dying, not knowing everything and not being able to do everything.

Corrado Malanga, an Italian University professor who is also a Ufologist and Hypnotherapist, came up with this Genesis theory after studying the matter for over 30 years and published quite a few books on the matter.

“Consciousness has always existed since it is eternal. But one day (this is a meaningless time symbolism, we should rather say “one perceptive moment”, A.N.) it wakes up and lights up. And Consciousness becomes aware of itself in that moment (aware of being, not of existing) but it does not know how or what it is (it doesn’t know itself). The only way it can know would be looking in a mirror, but there’s no such thing as a mirror yet. And so Consciousness creates a mirror for itself. And the mirror is actually the virtual Universe(…); so it looks at itself through the virtual Universe. At this point, Consciousness decides that it must experience itself: it must know, and not just look at itself in the mirror. We can say that it must know itself, touch itself and experience itself. In that moment Consciousness emanates, through an act of will, the desire to experience, and it decides to experience without any limitations. This thought creates dualism right in that moment.” (Genesis I, by Corrado Malanga)

How could the Consciousness know what it was, being the only thing there was? So the Holographic Universe it created had to be dual, and these points of conscious energy that entered the Dual Holographic Universe to experience had to be two. Not one, not three, two. In order to mirror one another. These first forms of energy the Consciousness sent in, that we shall call the Creators, separated on entry into two parts: a timeless, eternal one that we shall call Soul, and a spaceless one that we shall call Spirit. And the further they travelled into the expanding Universe, the more they lowered their vibration and had to separate even more as they went into lower vibratory dimensions. They eventually had to separate from their energies another energy – the Mind, that would connect the Consciousness with the lower vibrations of the bodies needed for existing in some of the lower vibratory dimensions. And they started doing the only thing they so far knew how to do: creating. They started with creating their own points in space and time to experience in: environments – galaxies, stars, planets.

Then the Creators created each a being that would experiment in this Universe. We shall call this being The First Man – an almost perfect being, a point of Consciousness energy embodied, who was supposed to go through these experiences of dying, not knowing everything and not being able to do everything. And who does not look like a human. Just in case you were wondering…

But here comes the interesting part: the First Man realised that one of his energies, the Soul, was eternal, therefore immortal, and he eventually decided he did not want to experience death, so he created in turn other beings, that we call aliens, or extraterrestrials so that these beings would make the experience of death for him. Keep in mind that the Consciousness, being the only energy there is, created by separating its energies, more and more with every level of creation, with every dimension, lowering its vibration in the process.

But, of course, some of these beings eventually put 2 and 2 together and decided they did not want to experience death EITHER and rebelled against their creator. The First Man then reclaimed the bits of Soul energy he had given to his creatures, cutting off their connections to the Source, the Consciousness, therefore stripping them of their immortality, forcing them to eventually die.

These aliens, being intelligent creations, fought for survival. But, since they lack the energy of the Soul, they are finite, without emotions and the ability to create, so with an incomplete Consciousness (they only have Spirit and Mind energy). They engineered a plot: to deceive some Soul/Spirit/Mind energies that were coming to experience in the Universe and prey on their energy for survival.

So they took over some planets and genetically engineered the bodies of beings on those planets as “traps” for Souls. And they devised an energetic system – let’s call it The Matrix – through which they controll the cycle of incarnations. Take Earth, for example: when entering the astral field in a trance, Florian sees a green net of energy shaped as a cube that encloses Earth and has only a few entries guarded by these entities. It’s like a cage, only made of energy. And they ask these points of Consciousness separated in the Soul/Spirit/Mind energies, to sign some contracts before incarnating on Earth (as they do on other planets that they conquered and took over). The points of Consciousness agree with these contracts, knowing they are the most powerful force in the Universe and that they can do anything just by wanting that thing to happen!

The problem arises at the time of the Soul/Spirit/Mind energy incarnating in a body on our planet, when the rule is that for a real experimentation (starting from 0) of that point of Consciousness on this planet, the access to all memory until then must be blocked. The rule makes some sense, because experimenting and learning on a certain planet can be done phenomenologically only by setting aside “pre-judgements.”

So these “thieves of energy” are blocking the memories of that point of Consciousness, claiming that the experimenting must be done from ZERO knowledge to be REAL. And so, the newborn babies of Earth are being fed all sorts of deceiving stories, started by these alien entities, and end up believing in all sorts of False Gods, the Karma cycle, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, or lately Benevolent Aliens who will come to ascend them and other such theories. They are being kept ignorant to their true nature and their awakening is being blocked by these thieves of energies (the negative alien entities) with all sorts of means: contracts or different implants, either energetic or physical, holograms of angels or masters that appear in their dreams/meditations/out of body experiences/conscious state and so on.

And the Soul/Spirit/Mind energies of these points of Consciousness are kept separated and conflicted, leading to miserable lives, full of pain and suffering, that gets them to do terrible things, and then they are being deceived into thinking they have to pay for their mistakes according to religions or Karma. They are thus being recycled for hundreds of lives in this Matrix of lies, suffering and deception. Why suffering? Because when we are in pain, our energy vibrates on the low frequencies of negative emotions like fear, anger, depression, guilt, shame, anxiety or sadness, and it’s difficult to control, so it’s easier for them to connect to it and simply harvest it…

So at the moment of incarnation on this planet, the Soul/Spirit/Mind energy is asked to sign a contract that allows these alien entities to block its access to any previous memories. The point of Consciousness signs the contract, knowing that It is EVERYTHING and It can do ANYTHING, knowing that at some point It will remember who It is. But once It enters the Matrix system that these entities have created on Earth, It is fooled again and again, and is systematically prevented from becoming aware of the system that the controlling entities have put in place.

And that’s how a Soul/Spirit/Mind energy can reincarnate for over 5,000 years on Earth because it fails to get over its jealousy problem, for example, as a well-known Past Life Regression hypnotherapist, Michael Newton, found out.

Why doesn’t it succeed at escaping the controlling system? Well, it’s like a child enrolling on School Earth in Year 1, learning to read and write, but at the end of the school year he is told: “Well, look, you didn’t learn to read and write so well, you made a lot of mistakes while learning, so we need to send you back in the same year, for you to correct those mistakes; but you know, we have to block your memories, this is the rule from the ministry, there’s nothing we can do about it… And of course the child will make the same mistakes more or less, because it’s the same child! And that’s how the Soul/Spirit/Mind energy is sent back to Year 1 again and again, for hundreds of lives.

It will wake up and become aware in the end anyway, it’s just a matter of time. But it will need a helping hand on the positive side to turn the negative energy around and balance it. People who hurt others badly or commit atrocities are either non-humans (unconscious clones or biorobots engineered by these entities) or people who are far from being aware and awake.

During one of our sessions in the energetic plane (the astral field), the point of Consciousness of a person (Spirit, Soul, Mind and all his derived energies) forgives unreservedly and understanding the alien or disembodied entity that parasitized him and caused him great suffering or death, and who might even ask for forgiveness. Because there, in UNITY, the point of Consciousness energy understands that It and the one who caused It so much suffering are only points of the same Unique Eternal Consciousness… that is experiencing Itself.

By becoming aware of what the reality is, by taking the journey of self-knowledge, by freeing yourself of all the contracts, implants, energy strings, negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions or unrealistic expectations that lead to pain and suffering, you are raising your vibrational frequency.

You are free to become what you’ve always been, but could not remember: A UNIFIED POINT OF CONSCIOUSNESS, ready to enjoy learning through the experince you have come here to make. Ready to be once again an observer of your life at first and ultimately THE CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE!

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