Angels or Archons, Gods or Aliens?

Angels or Archons, Gods or Aliens?

The information about the parasitic energy entities presented in this article is based on information I put together from various websites, blogs, books, videos, conferences, confessions etc.
Much of the information here is very similar or even identical to the information obtained in his research by Professor Corrado Malanga, whom I quoted a few times throughout the article.


Oneness/Nothingness is an eternal energy that is Everything and Nothing all in one in the same time. “All in one” is about space and “in the same time” is about time. But this eternal energy does not need space and time, since it is ALL and NOTHING, and it is ALL TIME and NO TIME.
The Creation of the Universe – the Big Bang, as scientists call it, happens because this energy is INTELLIGENT (Funny how this word came from “to choose from” which at the roots means “to collect in”.)
So this intelligent energy is SELF-CONSCIOUS, but, being the only thing that exists (and doesn’t), it wants to know what or who it is (and is not). It is CURIOUS.
But again, because it is the only thing that exists, there are no mirrors around so it can only know itself by creating a mirror out of itself.

This is how and why the Holographic Universe with space and time is created. This energy can only create by separating its energy in two. How can energy be separated? By VIBRATION.
This SELF-CONSCIOUS intelligent energy, that most scientists nowadays call CONSCIOUSNESS, IS IN EVERY SINGLE ATOM OF OUR UNIVERSE, be it air, water, inanimate things or animated beings. But being SEPARATED means that, although it somehow feels it is part of something, IT DOES NOT KNOW.
So, this Consciousness is all about FREQUENCY and VIBRATION. Everything in the Universe has a certain frequency on which it vibrates, it moves. In these frequencies lies the secret of it all.

The points of Consciousness, separated within it, just like cells inside the body, choose certain frequencies to vibrate on, depending on what they want to know about themselves.
What is the best way of learning, of knowing? BY DOING. No matter how many books you read, or how many people describe it to you, you can only learn what a lily smells like, what “Für Elise” sounds like, what a mother’s hug or a lover’s kiss feels like WHEN YOU ACTUALLY DO IT!

The Eternal Consciousness moves continuously in the Holographic Universe, creating dimensions of different vibrational frequencies. Dimensions within which the points of Consciousness can further more separate in order to deepen the self-knowledge of the Consciousness as a whole.
These points of Consciousness only exist separated in the Dual Holographic Universe, so they are divided into two interconnected energies – the Spirit (Animus) which contains all the space and can exist at any point in space; and the Soul (Anima) which contains all the time and can exist in every point of time of the Universe, that is, it is eternal, immortal.

These points of creative Consciousness have created galaxies, planets, their flora, fauna, all sorts of beings. All through vibration. That’s how everything was created. The colour is vibration, the sound is vibration. All these points of Consciousness are energetically connected to the primary source – The Eternal Consciousness.
In the beginning of the Universe all of these points transmitted everything they experienced in the Universe to the All-Creating Consciousness, all the knowledge from experimentation is stored here. But it seems that, at a time very close to the initial moment of the creation of the virtual Universe, the first points of Consciousness, called by prof. Corrado Malanga Creator 1 – C1 and Creator 2 – C2, refused to experience death and in turn created through separation of vibration other points of energy with Spirit and Soul to go through this experience in their place. We know very little about these energetic entities, they exist in the higher dimensions of the Universe and rarely appear in sessions. Usually they appear as spheres of bright light, being very often confused by astral travellers with the Eternal Consciousness, with the Primary Source.
C1 also created, by vibration, of course, the Primordial Man – PM, an entity with Spirit and Soul to experience existence and death in the Holographic Universe, but, surprise! He also refused this experience and in turn created other entities to experience existence and death.
All sorts of races of entities that began to exist, experiment and evolve at various points in space and time, understood that the points of Consciousness – Spirit/Soul , the more separated they are, the less they know and comprehend the Universe and are naïve because they have less experience. And when inevitably these first races created by the PM refused the experience of death, the PM withdrew their eternal parts – the Soul, thus forcing them to die.

The Primordial Man (PM) is an entity that appears to the unsuspecting traveller in the astral field as an old man dressed in a white robe, the God with silver-white locks, white beard and bright blue eyes. But in fact, behind this mental hologram that he induces, he has the appearance of an amphibian with a dolphin-like head, skin of the colour of the clear blue sky, dorsal fin, palmate fingers and toes.
But let us now return to the entities that suddenly found themselves soulless and forced to experience the beginning and the end, the only experience that Consciousness, being eternal, cannot make outside the virtual Universe.
Without the energy of the Soul, these entities no longer had eternal energy at their disposal so they passed into non-existence. They were desperate, so they found a solution. Due to the fact that they had more knowledge and more developed powers, they took over other planets, fooled other less knowledgeable point of Consciousness in the Universe in order to live on their energy. They lied to them that they were their creators and masters. So they tricked them and modified their DNA to turn them into SOUL TRAPS, then implanted obedience and slavery programs in them.

That’s how the so called “negative” part began to create, to expand. Then they saw that more and more Souls were waking up and rebelling because they realized that they were equal to these entities who stopped their evolution in order to use their energies. And, after long battles and hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, many planets have been liberated, aware of the truth, have created protections and no longer allowed to be parasitized.
But now let’s talk about the Earth, where young, strong Spirits/Souls were living/experimenting. These parasitic entities invaded the planet with their ships and very advanced technology. They were hundreds of thousands of years ahead in technological evolution, but they had no Souls. They have remained in the collective memory as the gods of mythology and the gods of religions. They fooled the Spirits/Souls that were incarnated at the level of primates, modified their DNA to be as energetically divided as possible (two brain hemispheres instead of a united one), blocked their memory and distorted their connection with the Consciousness, turning them into obedient and unaware subordinates and using the pure energies of their Souls. Many alien species have come on Earth to do this over time.

But these Spirits with Souls inevitably evolved and became aware of the truth, then resisted, did not give their energy. When the awareness of the human race would reach a dangerous level for entities, they would destroy the earth’s surface through cataclysms. And they would then restart the experiment. According to some ancient books and myths there were 5 cycles, this is the 6th. So they invented religions for people to worship them, to give their energy voluntarily. And people are fooled into believing that they are at the top of the food chain, when in fact their energies are used as food or as a raw material (even fuel – see the Lux in prof. Malanga’s books) by these entities, and they accept it out of ignorance and lack of information. Their energies are thus recycled through the tricks of reincarnation.

The only chance for liberation from the program they’ve created, called The Matrix by some, is to always look for the truth, to read, to learn, to experiment, to do as much as possible, so that we can become aware faster. And, once liberated, we can create worlds, we can create and materialize whatever we want, just by the power of intention, the creative power of the energies of our integrated Consciousnesses.
But let’s go back to these entities that designed the Matrix and the alien network that parasitizes Earth. Almost all of them are around 2-3 meters high, sometimes even 4 and most of them create holograms for the unknowing eye, that are totally different from what they actually look like.


Let’s start with Lucifer, one of the first created entities, he is also a sphere of energy that can be confused with the Eternal Consciousness by someone without experience in the astral. But he usually appears with the hologram of a white, bright, blond archangel, with bright golden eyes, almost white, with white feathered wings and two large swords in his hands.
This entity seems to have been the first to revolt against the Creators and detached himself from their energies; he interferes through the rituals of surrendering the energies from religion, white magic and Freemasonry. He is a very strong and very intelligent entity, looking for “collaborators” to join his “cause” and at every appearance he tries to convince with a gentle voice and convincing arguments.


The next entities on the scale of power are the Archons – who are, like Lucifer, energetic emanations of the Creators. They have holograms with the appearance of angels or archangels which can be of different colours (gold, green or blue) and have only a sword in the right hand. They interfere by convincing souls that they are their friends and that they can help them in life or evolution.


Reptilians are 2-3 meters tall, 3 clawed fingers, body covered with yellow, green or brown scales, and have a tail. They create holograms of the most powerful gods in mythology and religion. They parasitizes energies during religious or magical rituals and the prayers of souls fooled by suffering, addiction, or attachments.
Reptilians are one of the best known alien races, whose existence is accepted by most ufologists even as living on Earth, parasitizing the energies of human beings for thousands of years and performing genetic experiments on them. They are an old race, created by the PM, but who rebelled against their creator and were left soulless by the PM. They are cruel, skilful and unable to have emotions (having no Souls), so they feed on human ones, but on low vibration ones – fear, anger, hatred, guilt, suffering, pain.

In the last 10-15 years they have started to make public worldwide the fact that they have existed on our planet for thousands of years and that they have been involved in the course of history. The information spread is intended to fool us that they would have been involved in a beneficial sense, completely the opposite of which happened, because their involvement in our evolution has always been only for their own benefit. There are many followers of the theory that this alien race secretly leads our world, right before our eyes.
They can appear in dreams as lizards, crocodiles, dinosaurs or snakes. If you dream of these or any other entities described below, you might want to check how to lucid dream, so that you can ask your energies to reveal past encounters you might have had with them and free yourself of their interference.


Draconians are reptilians with bat-like wings, grey-black scales and red eyes. They can appear as the devil or as a demon. They interfere through black magic and parasitize energies during black magical rituals and invocations that souls make, fooled by suffering, addictions or attachments.
Reptilians and Draconians, often fool the Souls by convincing them that they are saving them from the influences of the other; but most of the time the soul remains in contracts with both…


Ra – creation of C2, is one of the most powerful aliens and very difficult to describe by those who meet it, because it has quite high telepathic powers and can influence the perspective of human perception through a kind of eye in the shape of a bright green diamond in the middle of the forehead, above the eyes. It is 3-4m tall, has dark brown glossy skin and a sharp bird-like face with a long beak with two holes on the side and something long under the chin that resembles the beard of the Egyptian pharaohs, hence the connection between this being and Egyptian mythology.

On the back it seems to have something like a high collar of the uniform it wears or two shoulder blades, it also looks like two wings with tight feathers on the back or a cape. The hands have 4 claw-like fingers of a bird.
He may appear as a good angel who wants to help, but he is just another alien who has only the power that souls give him out of ignorance. Only another god who dominated Ancient Egypt and who, according to Prof. Corrado Malanga, is in fact a symbiosis between 2 different entities: The Puppeteer and the Alien Bird.

Ra (created by C2 – the creator trapped in the black universe) comes from another dimension that closes and uses a body of a race that really exists in our dimension, with which he made a pact: “I enter inside you and together we go to take that energy that Man has, but that we do not have. I don’t have a body, but to take that thing from man I need a body, because that thing (the energy of the soul) sticks only to some bodies. ”
Horus – The alien bird, described by countless subjects with the above characteristics, says: “I give you my body, my exterior, you give me your mental strength, your ability to connect, to take the parts of the Soul, to steal from human beings and together we become something unique.“ Source: Prof. Corrado Malanga


Next comes the collaborator of Ra – Anubis, the correspondent of the Egyptian god of the afterlife, of the realm of death and of lost souls, with whom he travelled on the realm of the dead, an astral dimension of low vibration, a “hell” in which souls were fooled they would end up if they didn’t give away their energies. Anubis has a humanoid body covered with hair from the middle down, with wolf paws and a black wolf’s head; It parasitizes telepathically, like Ra.


The Mantis (Insectoid) resembles the insect we call the Praying Mantis, he is very large, reaching 2 meters when on his knees. He has a very large triangular skull, a small neck and insect eyes, black without a pupil. It holds the front legs like in a prayer with the three fingers close together. It is green-brown and the lower limbs are much larger, they are usually squat/folded and he has difficulty moving, which is why he usually uses small Grey servants.
Mantis communicates only mentally, interacting very strongly through induced thoughts and a kind of mental paralysis / hypnosis. They parasitize a lot on the sexual organs, they grow foetuses inside women’s bodies. Apart from the Grey servants, they do not collaborate much with other alien species.


Next comes the Lux / Being of Light, which is described as having the shape of a bright child, or a child made of light, about 1 – 1.2 meters. The shape of the head cannot be defined, the eyes are very dark in colour, like black holes, he has no mouth or neck, he has two very short and blurred hands and no legs. In fact, he is another entity without a material body, he has a mind and a spirit, but no soul.
This parasite, which also comes from the other dimension, connects mentally, sometimes making the parasitized being believe that he is the inner voice of their guardian angel, that they need him, that it is important to collaborate with him and without him they have no chance.

He takes the hologram of an angel or archangel or a very bright light being and parasitizes a lot through guilt: for any negative outcome he blames the parasitized human being, through negative thoughts, making him feel guilty. But every positive achievement is his merit, the success was due to the good advice he gave. And in time the parasitized being comes to believe that those thoughts of regret and guilt are his and becomes more and more insecure about his strengths, giving his energies through suffering to this deceptive and very intelligent entity.
From the research of Prof. Malanga, it emerged that each Lux is only a part of a giant being, consisting of many Luxes, a giant LUX, and their civilization is like that of bees, where the whole hive commands, as a whole. The Lux takes energy from here, which he has the ability to store, then takes it to the big family of Luxes, to the hive. He can also meddle with the equipment and electrical network in the homes of those involved.


The Oranges are the alien species most resembling to us, around 2 meters tall, elongated head, vertical pupils, 5 fingers and a dark complexion as if suntanned. They appear dressed in dark blue tight overall costume, Star Trek style, with a two interlacing triangle symbol on the left side of the chest. They are called Orange because they have bright reddish hair, which appears to be orange in a halo of light, although, at a closer look, some of them have actually reddish blond hair.

Abductees describe them as both male and female and beautiful, but when they look closer they see that these beings are not that beautiful and their hair looks unwashed.
They have a detailed map and knowledge of human DNA, they put implants in the body, but whenever a higher group of alien power intervenes for the same human being, they quickly take the implants out, they pack their bags and leave,


The next entity is the best known in the world, from various commercials or movies, the well-known Grey / EBE – the biological robot. Greys are the simplest aliens, they are biological robots used as servants for their dirty work; behind them are those who command. There are several models of such servants depending on the masters who command them. The difference between them is the colour of the skin, the structure of the head, and the number of long fingers, 3 or 4. Most are thin, have a small stature of about 1.2 meters, grey, dark or black skin, skeletal arms, small neck and large head with small mouth, no lips, with two holes instead of nose and two instead of ears, with almond shaped black eyes, shining like a mirror, without eyelids. They have no genitals.

They have a strong smell of rot or decay, communicate mentally and use a light wand with electric shocks. This type of alien entity is best remembered because it occurs at the beginning and end of an abduction. It is the one that intervenes when the brain stops and restarts, when it comes to the beginning of the physical abduction and leaves at the end of it. They usually appear in odd numbers, 3, 5, 7, they move quickly, and when they do nothing, they squat on the ground. In sessions they can appear with holograms of religious entities or angels.


Dragons are entities created by Reptilians in labs. They look more like Draconians, their bodies covered with large scales, brown with black, spikes on the head and back, elongated snout with sharp teeth, clawed limbs, large long tail and bat-like wings. As stated in many myths all over the world, they were sent to Earth physically, in several stages, to scare people and take human sacrifices. Some of the spirited Dragons began to become aware at some point and refused to work for reptilians, but did not know how to survive once they were free and so continued to parasitize people’s energies.


Azazel, the best known of the demons, has the appearance of a man with a goat’s head and legs, covered in black fur, with bright red eyes, with horns and hooves, but a human torso and human arms with long fingers. It interferes a lot through sex, with many women claiming to have dreams in which they are raped by the devil.


These are only the most common parasitical entities that we can encounter in the astral field. “Aren’t there any beneficial ones?”, you may ask. Please remember we are all points of Consciousness entering the Dual Virtual Universe – the “Game” we have created in order to learn and experience who we are and what we can do. Just like there is no totally good or totally bad human being, there are no beneficial or malicious entities. The entities who have realised that we have chosen this experience, know we are their equals and can and will finish the Game when we are ready. They choose not to interfere with our experience if we have not asked them to, because that would constitute a violation of our free will.

But most of the gods and beings from mythology and religions are extra-terrestrial entities that take different forms and names to fool us into giving them our energy by making us believe that we are inferior to them and we need them, although in fact they need our Souls energy. We are points of the same Consciousness that they are created from. But we can access more complex knowledge because we also have access to the energy and perceptions of our Souls. Yet people keep feeding them through various forms of idolatry, rituals and prayers and attachments, because the Matrix system keeps them in a state of ignorance and separation.

“In the end, all I have to do is wish for the total destruction of the current powers, without any mercy, because, from now on, the whole Universe is fed up with them. But this is just my point of view – I cannot scold the abductee who did not have the courage to eliminate the parasites they had on them, because they were convinced that it was all right; I cannot, because I know that they are not the ones who think so, but the parasites they host; my hope is that they will soon kick their inner enemies in the bottom and regain the strength to see the stars again. ” (Corrado Malanga – Alien Cicatrix)

Also, most of these alien species work with covert parts of the military in many of the countries in the world. According to many hundreds of abductees who all remember similar experiences under hypnosis, the Reptilians are seen with American soldiers, Oranges are associated with the French ones, Insectoids with the Israelian ones… Apparently they have been promised knowledge and technology in exchange for their help.

Awareness of 51% of human beings with souls in this Matrix would simply dissolve the game, as it is no longer needed. If they saw the truth, if they no longer fed these entities through prayers, incantations, religions or cults, the veil would fall, they and what they do would become visible and obvious.
We give them the energy fooled, forced or voluntarily. We give them energy through religions, dogmas, wars, crimes, fears, apprehensions, suffering, aggression… We give them energy because we do not know that we are stronger than them. We give them energy because we don’t integrate our energies. We give them energy because we do not listen to the voice of our Consciousness.

But as “That which is above is like to that which is below, and that which is below is like to that which is above” (The Emerald Tablet), and every creation in the Dual Virtual Universe has rebelled against its Creator, how could the points of Consciousness incarnated in Humans not do so?

Let’s help with this, let’s become aware, let’s make others aware, let’s not give our energies to these entities anymore. They want the energy of our Souls, it is this energy that keeps them alive, now we know the truth. Let’s liberate ourselves and the Earth through knowledge and awareness. Let’s learn to remember everything we can about the Universe, both the outer one and the inner one, and create a beautiful experience here on Earth.

They have no power over those of us with unified Spirits and Souls, especially when we wake up and become illuminated and interconnected points of Consciousness.

We are not slaves or farmed food. We are Sovereigns and Creators. We are Points of Eternal Consciousness.

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