Are we really what we watch?

Are we really what we watch?

I was reading the other day this article in the New York Times that argues that we become what we watch and urges us to watch anything on a screen with an observant eye:

But are people really aware of this? And can they do anything about it if they are?

There are those who argue that they choose what they watch, and there are those who claim the opposite: we are being manipulated every day through what we watch. Manipulated to eat certain things, to buy certain things, to think certain thoughts, to vote in a certain way, to live a certain lifestyle, to have certain beliefs about us and about the world we live in; and we allow it, usually unaware of the consequences…

More than 10 years ago, I had this hobby of collecting movies, old, famous, appraised, all sorts of movies. And I was using IMDb (Internet Movie Database) to find out details on the plot and characters. Every week they had about 10 new releases advertised. Week after week I would go through those and the percentage would stay pretty much the same: 70% action/thriller/sci-fi/horror and 30% drama/comedy/romantic/animated/family/other.

And I remember wondering: Seriously? Is this what most people want to sit on their couch and watch as they relax after a day’s work or a week’s stressful situations? A hero saving the day from the havoc created by “the bad guys”? Over and over and over… and OVER again??? WHY? Why would anyone want to watch that action that is obviously nowhere even close to their every day reality?

What if the conspiracy theorists are right and there really are some rich people at the top who pull the strings and decide what type of movies and shows to produce in order to keep the masses’ minds entertained and busy with these productions full of fear, fighting, pain, anxiety and negativity? All these movies that send the message of one “very special” and “very lucky” hero, who is the only one capable to be different, brave, honest, kind, intelligent and selfless, while the rest are pretty much damaged in some way and not really important?

Could it be that these “top”people in the media and entertainment industry intend to educate young audiences into believing they are not important and cannot be heroes unless they are perfect in every way? Thus setting them on a path of self-doubt, self pity, anxiety, depression, even suicide? Setting them on a path of wanting to be different or special, in any way: physically, socially, politically, religiously, sexually, in order to have a shot at being the “special hero”? So that they can be easily used as puppets in someone’s game?

The answer is actually simple. Even though it definitely looks like this is the case, these puppeteers can only succeed if people allow it. And most people do allow it, unwittingly, because they are bored with their lives, but comfortable and afraid to change anything. Because they think they don’t have the time… or the money… or the energy… or the abilities… to make that change. So they choose to experience through other’s adventures from the comfort and safety of their couch.

From rhapsodes and bards, minstrels and troubadours to tragedies and comedies, from myths and legends to dramas and biografies, from theatre to musicals and movies, from news, gossip and tabloids to reality TV, we love watching or following other people’s lives and happenings. We are all “emotional voyeurs”…

It makes sense if you think about it: We are bits of this Eternal Consciousness who created this entire Holographic Universe as a mirror in order to experience itself through it… And all its Creations refuse the experience of pain and death… Why would we be any different? Are we not parts of the same Consciousness energy?

But we don’t have a choice, some might argue… We are stuck here, in this Matrix, unaware of who we really are, forced to suffer and die… Or… do we?… What if we have given ourselves a choice?

Let’s recap, shall we? We are points of energy of the same single intelligent form of energy that exists in reality: the Eternal Consciousness, who created a Holographic Universe as a kind of a virtual game to know itself through, and sends us, the points of energy, in this Universe to do just that, to experience EVERYTHING.

To refuse direct experimentation means therefore to prolong the game. It’s not good and it’s not bad, it just is what it is: A CHOICE. But it is a choice we make in ignorance, because when we become aware of the game, of who we really are, there’s no more fear to leave that couch and we choose to live all of those adventures and experiences for ourselves, to live and love and suffer and die and in the end remember that WE ARE THE CREATORS OF THIS GAME!

WE are that Consciousness who makes the game more complex as we play it. WE are the ones who manipulate us into staying on that couch! And we can make the choice to leave it whenever our Soul awakens. And it can do that in more than one way: Intense pain and suffering, intense desire to know, intense desire to create…

We all go through all of them before waking up to the truth. But once we start on this path, we have  only made our choice to take the self knowing path and nothing more. Because in every moment we can choose to stop, to take a breake or to keep going on this path by searching for new information, experiences and people who are on the same frequenct with us.

We can also stay on this awakening path by CREATING something every day. Anything: a story, a, poem, a painting, a script, a craft, a piece of furniture or clothing, a building, a software program, a piece of machinery, a special place, a special moment, you name it!

We are Creators, we can create anything just by intention, but here in 3D, we need to put all of our energies to work for our creation to be “real”. We need to use the Energy of our Consciousness, the Creativity of our Soul, the Strength and Patience of our Spirit, the Symbols and Archetypes of our Subconscious, the Logic and Connectivity of our Mind and the Skills of our Body.

We need to stop watching and start creating! That’s what we are here to do! TO EXPERIENCE BY DOING WHAT WE INTEND AND BY BEING THE CHANGE!

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