Beware the “positive” messages from duality!

Beware the “positive” messages from duality!

Please be aware of all kinds of “positive” messages circulating on the Internet. Although it seems like a message to help us grow, in personal development, I know that I am not the only one who can see this as a message from duality that urges SEPARATION!

“If you have time to feel like shit, complain and check social media, then you have time to meditate, write in your journal, create a list of goals, make a list of things you are grateful for and better yourself. Delete, unfollow, unfriend, block and disconnect from anyone and anything that robs you of your peace, growth and happiness. Not just on social media, but also in real life. You don’t need to be around people who don’t appreciate your growth and value.”

We ARE ALL THE TIME IN THE UNIVERSE because we are Souls. WE ARE ALL THE SPACE IN THE UNIVERSE because we are Spirits. And WE ARE ALL THE ENERGY IN THE UNIVERSE because we are Minds. All of these three energies are essential for each of us in order to be complete points of the sole eternal intelligent energy that we can call Consciousness. It’s just that in the DUAL Universe, created by this eternal Consciousness by its division/separation, we cannot perceive it.

I, as a point of Consciousness, have all the time, space and energy in the Universe to create and experience, through what I intend, think, say and do, all kinds of beings and situations to help me know myself COMPLETELY. And that includes feeling like shit and feeling grateful and complaining and meditating and all that… And it includes those who appreciate me and those who rob me of my peace.

Because otherwise, whatever path I take, I get out of balance, harmony and communion with EVERYTHING and remain separated. And then I block, break ties, separate. Either by those who would lift me up, or by those who would bring me down. Yes, through Separation I learn about myself, but the greater the separation, the more hidden the communion with everything. And I can no longer perceive that in fact, for my complete self-knowledge, I need all aspects of life, all the people who come to me (because my vibration attracts them), all the situations.

Only if I accept both good and evil as different aspects of the same energy of Consciousness, can I access the energy of Consciousness and experience it in harmony with everything. And then I UNDERSTAND THE OTHER’S POINT OF VIEW. Then I KNOW THEM. Then, from the Union of Consciousness, the choice no longer exists, I can only ACCEPT them as another aspect of the same energy that manifests itself in all possible ways in order to know itself. Whether wise or ignorant, hard-working or lazy, calm or angry, altruistic or selfish, fearful or brave, all it does is mirror another aspect of me that I haven’t yet understood, known and accepted.

Actually, this is about HOW I MANAGE MY EXPERIMENTATION. How I maintain balance between aspects of life/people/situations that raise my vibration and aspects of life/people/situations that lower my vibration. Because, obviously, I need both in awareness and in self-knowledge. This search involves both suffering and pleasure, peace and war, calm and storm, ugly and beautiful.

Go ahead, just try to be in high vibration for as long as possible. At some point, inevitably, a wave comes and knocks you to the ground! Why? The energy of your Consciousness attracted it. Because you are here to know yourself COMPLETELY BY EXPERIENCING IT ALL!

YOU ARE NOT HERE TO PAY FOR YOUR SINS, OR TO CLEAR YOUR KARMA, OR TO RAISE YOUR VIBRATION, OR TO ASCEND, these are all just steps of experimentation, not the goal itself.


This does not mean that you have to endure endless arguments or fights or any behaviour that hurts you because you understand the other person, you understand their inner pain and why they do what they do. You found out what it’s like to be beaten and the other one what it’s like to beat. You experienced fear, the other experienced power. You learned how to give energy through fear, the other learned how to take energy through fear.

But if you let this go on, you’re not giving yourself the opportunity to experience empowerment or the other to experience disempowerment. And you will not be able to experience the return to balance of the energies… Oh, and by the way, it is not your job to make him well, to “heal him through love” from the suffering in him… Though this may work for the moment, the problem will return; only when HE becomes aware, when he works with himself, when he is ready to LEARN and change his vibration, will he be able to heal himself.

All we can do for the other is to mirror them as best we can, to convey our Truth as clearly and objectively as possible, and to receive their Truth without fear or judgment, so that we can both understand and be aware of what we have to experience together, both in the role of the doer and the role of the one being done to, while also observing the causes and effects of each experience.


What is coming to you now is what you have created for yourself through everything you have ever intended, thought, said and done, with or without KNOWING. It’s a causal chain. Here lies the uniqueness of the Consciousness point. We get to experience everything eventually, but in an infinite number of different ways. And I can only accept you as you are now, understanding that either I was at the point of self-knowledge where you are, or I will be. And if we are at the same point of awareness, our vibration is the same and even acceptance has no point anymore…

Then you are in the vibration of harmony and communion with everything that many call “unconditional love”, in which needs, fears, expectations, judgements disappear. But not because you “got rid” of them, but because you knew them completely and integrated them in your knowledge, in your energy, in the point of Consciousness that you are.

But until that moment we all still have some shorter or longer way of self-knowledge to go, otherwise we wouldn’t be here anymore… So see you on the way!

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