Dreams – are they imagination, memories or reality?

Dreams – are they imagination, memories or reality?

I kept promising to write this article about dreams and I got caught up with others. But it seems like its time has come.

Why write about dreams? What could I say and how can I prove that it is so? In the end, no one can confirm that I dreamed what I say I dreamed… (well, that is until I had a telepathic dream and now there is someone who can confirm… 😊)

So why write about dreams? Because I dream. Ever since I can remember. About anything and everything. And my dreams feel as real as everyday life. They have colours, shades, smells, tastes, noises, tactile perceptions. But the most important thing is that if I recount them to anyone, they start to look at me like I have two heads. Because most of the time my dreams have no apparent meaning, or they are so fantastic that they could make good Science-Fiction stories.

And because I could never just dismiss them (they feel too real for me to do that), I started looking for information about what dreams are and how they can be deciphered and understood.

Over time I learned that there are many types of dreams and I’ve had them all, except for the drug induced ones for which I had neither the opportunity nor the inclination:

  1. Daydreaming, for the visuals, who have a rich imagination and create in their minds situations, characters, lands, entire worlds. It is a quality of writers, painters, sculptors, artists in any field. Daydreaming has always been an escape from day to day reality for me, a world where I could be myself, without being judged or constrained to be “as I should”, to fit into society’s templates. If you have children who dream with their eyes open, let them be, this develops their visualization and creativity and keeps them centred with unified energies, closer to the vibration of Consciousness. If you are not an artist but you daydream about anything and everything, maybe you could be an undiscovered artist, who knows?… In this state we are at peace, in harmony, the energies are united, we can “sense” Consciousness.
  2. Illusions – induced by external stimuli from the environment in which we sleep, for example if I kicked the blanket off, I can dream that I am outside in the winter and I am cold, or if my child kicks me in his sleep, I dream that I am fighting someone. Maybe I fell asleep with the radio or TV on and then elements from their shows are incorporated in my dreams.
  3. Standard dreams, induced by actions, desires, impulses or fears from everyday life; we dream what we do, think, feel or want in certain periods of life. This is where compensatory dreams come in, repressed impulses that are impossible to achieve in life. For example: I go on vacation, I get a prize, I have an affair with someone forbidden, or on the contrary I make a major mistake and I’m fired, guests arrive and I have the dirtiest house in the world, my lover leaves me, etc.
  4. Recurring dreams, which keep repeating themselves until we manage to solve the problem that the subconscious keeps bringing to the surface to be solved. If I keep dreaming that I’m in my childhood home and it’s night and I keep trying to lock the door but a stranger keeps coming into the house and I’m scared, I write down every dream in the smallest details and then I ask the family members if something similar has happened back then. If I don’t manage to find out anything, it might be worth trying a regressive hypnosis session in which I can go to that moment and find out why the Subconscious keeps bringing this memory to the surface, what is there for me to understand or heal.
  5. Memories from the past, from childhood or youth, which come to the surface when a situation that happened a long time ago was repeated recently. Meeting a friend I haven’t seen since high school, or finding an object from childhood can trigger an avalanche of such memory-dreams.
  6. Serial dreams, in which we can dream something, we wake up, and when we fall asleep again, the dream continues (these are usually dreams in which we enter the astral plane);
  7. Symbolic dreams, full of archetypal symbols, which are not easy to forget, because their energy is very strong. It’s just that they can be deciphered much later if we don’t have the reading key, we don’t know what a symbol actually means. There are dreams that can come directly from Consciousness and can bring us essential information for awakening, healing or awareness. For example, a dream I had about 15 years ago, without any apparent meaning at the time, in which I had to carry a big black bag full of garbage that smelled bad from a valley up the mountain to a dream house in the middle of nature, is very easy to decipher for me now: The bag was full of worries, sufferings, traumas, unnecessary mental programs, the road to my dream house in the middle of nature was uphill, so it seemed to me that it was difficult to reach my dream, but I couldn’t leave the bag in the valley (Subconscious) because it would have infested the whole place… But back then, I had no idea what it meant, and yet the dream remained in my memory until I accumulated enough knowledge and self-knowledge to be able to understand it and work on all this “garbage”, to be able to continue my on my path…
  8. Premonitory dreams, which predict one’s own future or that of a loved one, family or social events. But again, pay attention, they are often related to energetic entities, their contracts, karma, religions, so it is good to be very careful with them.
  9. Healing dreams, in which the dreamer receives information about his health and healing. Here again, pay attention to how the information comes, because the dreamer’s ignorance regarding the existence and intentions of energetic entities can be used to lead him in a direction in which to form bonds and to give his energies to these entities.
  10. The dreams in which the departed appear, but very often, if they are not exactly after the departure of the loved one, they are only holograms, used by some entities to induce certain emotional states that squeeze us of energy or to direct us towards a certain religious cult.
  11. Religious dreams, in which deities, saints, angels, spiritual guides, etc. appear. These are all energetic entities that have or want to form contractual bonds with the one to whom they appear and project holograms by which they trick him into giving his energies through prayers, agreements or contracts. They are actually quite important, because in many cases, this is how someone’s awakening begins, through this initial entry into the supernatural. We all pass through here sooner or later…
  12. Memories from past lives (from other points in time), or from parallel lives (from other points in space), in which I know I’m me, but maybe I’m a man or a woman who looks completely different, I have another family and another house. Dreams of this type can come as lessons or reminders of mistakes that should not be repeated; and they can be very strong.
  13. Telepathic dreams, in which two people dream the same thing at the same time, or one receives messages from the other, in which their energies communicate at the level of Consciousness. In this case, the two can have a very strong and very old energetic connection; and they might have meetings in the astral field.
  14. Lucid dreams, in which we can take control of what happens in our dreams. If we inform ourselves and learn about them, we can travel throughout the universe and create whole worlds in the energy dimensions. You can become lucid in a dream if one or more details of what is happening there are unbelievable. Example: I’m dreaming that I am lying on my back in a boat on a lake and I am floating in it with my back to the direction of travel. I pull my foot into the boat because I see a crocodile that is right behind the boat, in front of me. Pulling my leg I realize that I am undressed to the belly, I look at my body and realize that I am actually being carried on the back of another crocodile and that it has stopped. Looking around, I see that I am actually in a tunnel in the middle of a line of such crocodiles, which has stopped because it intersected with another line of crocodiles that was passing through a tunnel perpendicular to the one in which I am. And it seems strange to me that the other crocodiles walk on 2 legs and do not have long snouts. This is the moment when I realize that there is something wrong with this whole story and I become conscious (lucid) in the dream. And of course, the curious Soul that I am cannot sit still. And I hear myself thinking: “I want to see one closer!” Sure enough, in the next second, the figure of the reptilian is 20 cm from my face, I see all his features perfectly, the slippery skin, sharp teeth, eyes with vertical pupils, the head pointed at the top and wide at the base, without ears. Of course I got scared and woke up suddenly, panting and sweating. But I was so excited that I managed to become conscious in that dream, that the fear didn’t matter so much anymore. There are hundreds of books and courses on how to have lucid dreams, but I will write about that another time. Just bear in mind a lot of the people teaching in these books and courses are interfered. Stay away from the ones who work with ancient symbols, ascended masters, archangels, spiritual guides…
  15. Out of Body Experiences – OBEs (the exits of the Soul from the body) can be perceived as dreams and then the flight (leaving the physical body) or the fall (sudden return to the body) happens. Beware, if you just dreamed this, clean your energies when you wake up, by anulling all the negative/harmful effects of these dreams.
  16. Dreams with false awakening, in which I dream that I have woken up, but I am still in a dream and only later, when I really wake up, do I realize it. These dreams can be very confusing, but they can also bring a lot of useful information to the searcher, because the second part of the dream can be turned into a lucid dream by the one who knows how.
  17. Hallucinations, or dreams induced by substances (drugs, alcohol, mushrooms, plant dusts), in which we enter altered states of consciousness. It’s very fashionable nowadays, you can also experience Out of Body Experiences, but if we don’t know what it’s about in the astral plane, we can be fooled very easily by various energetic entities that either scare us with various holograms, or usually come with messages like: “You are special, you are ready to receive our messages of peace and love, you have a mission that only you can fulfill…”, blah, blah, blah. And it all sounds amazing until you start asking too many questions, or too detailed; then they get angry and upset and threaten you… These entities can also appear in deep meditations or hypnosis. Bear in mind this very important aspect: They cannot harm you if you are not afraid. If you know you are eternal energy and you are connected directly to Consciousness, you just have to intend for something to happen in your dream and it will, instantly!
  18. Nightmares, the dreams from which we wake up trembling, teeth chattering, sweaty, tense, breathless, sometimes gripped by an uncontrollable fear. There are people who go into a panic attack immediately after a nightmare. Any of the above types of dreams can turn into a nightmare,  many times with the help of a parasitical energetic entity. The vast majority of people recover quite quickly, thinking that it was just a dream, it passes, and they continue their “real” life. They want to forget it as soon as possible and never remember it again. But their energies might have a different opinion and then the dream turns into a recurring nightmare, because there is something to solve there. Hypnotherapists have discovered that these recurring nightmares can be fragments of past lives, where the person gave/left/lost part of the Soul’s energy. (See Michael Newton’s “Life Between Lives”). And that’s the only way it can be brought back, by bringing that moment to someone’s attention through a dream. They call it Soul Retrieval. Prof. Malanga discovered in his hypnosis sessions that nightmares can also be real memories of an extraterrestrial abduction, and the Soul and Spirit want the abductions to stop and to recover their missing energies and freedom of decision and action.


The most important aspect to remember about dreams is that many of them are memories of real experiences lived or real experiences but lived at an energetic level… Although we, the dreamers, know very well what we perceived and felt in the dream and how real everything was, we still fool ourselves that it wasn’t real. Because this is what we are taught from childhood to believe.

Just as we are taught from childhood to believe that the old grannie who rests on the chair in the hall of our house every afternoon is not real, just because no one else sees her. Yes, don’t laugh, it’s a real case, which happened to a friend with her little girl. And when they asked the neighbors about the old lady who kept appearing in their house, they were told that they perfectly described the former owner of the house, who had been gone for a few years. Small children can see the energies of the departed, just as they can see energetic entities in their real form, but they block this ability so that they are not perceived as strange, different or liars and scolded or excluded from the group.

For exactly the same reason, most people do not tell the inexplicable events they go through, the visions or extrasensory perceptions they have, the strange and meaningless dreams: in order not to be categorized as strange, crazy or even worse – possessed.

Usually, all those who tell others about these events or dreams are sent to the “holy church” to be cleansed. Please, I beg you, direct them to a library or to the “holy” Internet, so that they can follow their path of awakening and awareness. So that they can start to decipher this hidden world of energy and the true supernatural powers that they posess…

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