How do we materialize what we want? How do we create our reality?

How do we materialize what we want? How do we create our reality?

At the end of some of our energy cleansing and integration sessions we hear a phrase like this: “Thank you very much for this session, I feel much lighter, free, I’ll wait for the results now…”

Well, yes, because after brushing my teeth every morning, so do I: I’m waiting to see the results… Or after I’ve decided to take a detox for a month and I’m done, that’s it! I’m waiting to see the results… Or when I finish a project I’ve been working on for a few months, guess what? I’m waiting to see the results!

Well, I don’t know about others, but I brush my teeth every morning because I KNOW that the result is healthy teeth that I can use my whole life, why else would I stand every morning for 5 minutes in front of the mirror with foam at the mouth? ���

I decided to go on the detox diet because I wanted to understand how my body works best and, after years of learning from the experience of others and my own, I KNOW that this diet will help my body to be healthy and harmonious and to work as well as it possibly could.

And guess what? I KNOW that the project I worked on will run smoothly because I measured ten times and cut once; because I planned well; because where I didn’t know, I studied and learned and asked for the help of a specialist, with whom I worked together to get the best solutions. And because I acted with all my energies from unity and not from separation and fear.

I KNOW all this because I created this reality, consciously, through the intention and action to learn everything I can about the world inside me and about the world outside me and through the intention and action of taking responsibility for any mistake, but also for any success.

Because I never stopped learning and experimenting, I was not stopped by school, or family, or religion, or society, or work, or love, or fear, or rules… Yes, I paused at times, to regroup or regain my strength and courage… after one mistake or another… And that’s alright, it’s my way, I make the choices. But I did not stop!

I trust in me: in my intention (the energy of the Spirit), in my creativity (the energy of the Soul), in my knowledge and reason (the energy of the Mind). I trust, I KNOW that all my energies work so that I – the whole, the point of Consciousness – learn who I am and what I am by experimenting.

We did not come to incarnate here on Earth to WAIT, we came to DO! We came to LEARN THROUGH EXPERIMENTATION the existence on Earth with all that it entails, including suffering and death! We came to FORGET that WE ARE EVERYTHING AND WE CAN DO ANYTHING, only TO REMEMBER IT ALL THROUGH LIVING, THROUGH BEING, THROUGH ASSUMING REPONSIBILITY, THROUGH MAKING, THROUGH CREATING!

It seems like everyone  is asleep… IN WAITING! Some are waiting to be rescued by “specialist” doctors, others by “smart” mayors and presidents, others by their “almighty” gods. Not to mention those waiting for the landing of alien ships or “ascension”…

Yes, let’s admit that before the energy cleaning we are blocked: contracts, strings, implants, but what about after? What are we waiting for? All we need is to BELIEVE IN OURSELVES, to know that we can do anything! We can create reality exactly the way we want it!

And guess what? We do it every moment, whether we are aware of it or not. Either consciously or unconsciously, we create reality every day through INTENTION, THOUGHT, SPEACH, WRITING, IMAGINATION and ACTION.

Our reality is created by our strong intention of passing an exam; by a thought of fear or anger; by a word of love or acceptance; by imagining the perfect beach on the vacation we want; by the wish written in a diary and by the actions we do every day.

And we co-create reality, that is, we create it together with all the other points of creative Consciousness, every time we have a strong intention to help someone; when we have thoughts of fear or confidence for a loved one; when we say, “He’s a little naive,” or “How understanding she is!” or when we imagine them healthy or in danger; when we write a message full of the energy of anger or love; when we hug or hit…

And in the same way that we create the “external” reality, we also create, consciously or unconsciously, what comes to us. We, as points of Consciousness, create, through our unconscious actions, from a state of separation and fear, all kinds of obstacles and difficulties, pains and sufferings, which will eventually lead us to self-knowledge, to the state in which to be able to become aware, to be able to remember who we really are!

So then the only way out of the circle of hardship and negativity, suffering and pain, is to take responsibility for every act of INTENTION, THOUGHT, SPEACH, VISUALIZATION, WRITING OR ACTION. And to create this CONSCIOUS reality in UNITY.


How do we do that? Let’s start with INTENTION. Our intention is the most powerful force in the Universe. It is the force that created the Universe. It is the beginning of every act of creation. What is my intention? What do I want?

I want something I don’t have, or something I have but I don’t know that I have it, because if I had it or if I knew I had it, I wouldn’t want it. I want something that I need in order to be able to continue my path of self-knowledge.

Do I need a car? Adrenaline? A villa with a pool? On a tropical island? To have my own business with a lot of employees? A family with 5 children? A model wife/husband? To be famous? To live the world behind and become a hermit? To dedicate my life to others? Whatever choice I make, it is the one necessary for me, on the level of self-knowledge and awareness that I am on at that point in time and space. The choice cannot be “wrong” or “right”, it just is what it is. A “wrong” choice might delay me a bit, but I will learn my lesson anyway, sooner or later…

The IMPORTANT thing is that my intention is a conscious one, and the need is a real one, and it’s MINE, not one that was implanted im my mind by my family, school, society or the media. Working with the self in search of that conscious intention to respond to a real need is very important, perhaps THE MOST IMPORTANT step in this process of creating one’s own reality. And it’s a step worth taking from unity with joy, and not from separation with fear… And, of course, if there are more needs and more intentions, prioritization is the next step. And, very importantly, we always work in the process of materialization with one intention at a time! We do not mix intentions!


Next are THOUGHTS. Once all my energies are released, recovered, cleaned and integrated, then negative thoughts of fear, worry, distrust, guilt, shame, anxiety or anger are just system errors or remnants of old mental programs that need to be carefully analyzed, uninstalled and replaced with new programs, beneficial to my energies and to my path of self-knowledge.

How do I analyze a thought? I’m going back on the causal trail. Where did it come from? What caused it? Which of my judgments, beliefs, or mental programs that run in the background of my subconscious validated it? Take for example the fear of not having enough money. How many of us have heard in our childhood: “If you do not study and learn a lot, you will be poor”; “If you don’t work hard, you will be poor”; “If you don’t do what your boss says, you will get fired and be poor”; “With drawing, chemistry, dance, history, gardening, etc. you don’t make money, choose a money making career, otherwise you will be poor ”…

And, as repetition is the mother of all learning, if I hear the same thing often enough without hearing much of the opposite opinion, already all these suggestions and opinions become something known, learned, a habit that becomes a belief and is stored in the subconscious, influencing my thinking of the rational mind, of the neo-cortex, in every moment of my life. And so, when I end up in a life situation where I have one or more unknown or unexpected facts on the financial side, I end up in a stressful situation. At this moment the old mental programs, the childhood beliefs, try to help me, to keep me in balance, repeating like the parrot what they have learned since then: “if x, y, z… you will be poor”. And the cherry on top? The subconscious has relearned this with each new situation and experience that confirmed this mental program and, most importantly, it neglected those situations that did not confirm the “rule”, deeming them as rarities, exceptions. In other words: “Poverty” lies in the eyes of the beholder…

But if I learn, from my own experience or from the experience of others, how to get rid of these old beliefs and mental programs (most of which are not even mine) and replace them with new beliefs and programs that empower me, then I can begin to consciously create my reality. There are a lot of books written on changing harmful habits or false beliefs.

If I ask my Consciousness that is connected to the Eternal Consciousness to help me, by letting me know when those old beliefs and programs resurface, I can recognize, analyze and release them, thus consciously changing my vibration. If I then ask my Consciousness to bring towards me the people, situations or information necessary to help me on my path, they will come, maybe not instantly or immediately, but THEY WILL COME, and my vibration will help me to recognize them…

And then I can create through the power of thought. Do I want a car? Perfect! Don’t puff, some people really need a car, maybe just to stop spending hours a day on buses or waiting at stations and use that precious time to read a book… Any need can be real for someone.

So I formulate a thought with exactly my need and intention, but careful when formulating the thought! “I want a car!” is a bit vague… Do I even have a driver’s license? If not, it would be time to start learning for the exam, the classes last for some months, if I get my car and I have to wait a few more months to drive it, what good is that?

And then what should the car be like? If I think about it, maybe I want a safe car. And… Ding!, rings a bell. It’s my Consciousness, it brought to the surface a fear, that of an accident… I take the thought and analyze it, where does the fear come from? Have I ever had an accident or witnessed one whose emotional consequences I have to free myself from? Or is it just a false belief that the Subconscious has taken over from the family or social environment, which I have to change? …

Further on, maybe I want a red car! Ding! … Is it a social cliché or red is simply my favorite color?

A big car! Ding! … Why? Do I want to compensate for an inner insecurity or do I really need it because I have a large family? … And so on in the work with the self, asking why until I find out exactly what I want and why.

The ancient sages said: KNOW YOURSELF! But they had time to get to know themselves, they didn’t have malls, discount vacations, Facebook, Netflix… Well, yes, what can I say, it’s just another choice of Consciousness, we can always choose to let others choose or experience for us, but how would this help us in any way?

So, once I know exactly what I want and what I need and can consciously manage my thoughts, I formulate exactly that thought: “I want to own a big, new car, color X, brand Y, etc.”


Next we create by SPEACH. We all have the power to create through words. Do you remember enchantments or curses, the spells in fairytales and legends? The word is vibration because sound is vibration. The words we use create our reality, whether we realize it or not, just like thoughts.

That thought that I formulated exactly to meet my real needs, I repeat every day as a poem for at least 21 days, at least 100 times a day. Do you know that saying: “Repetition is the mother of all learning”? By repeating this statement I firstly focus my intention and energy on what I want, consciously creating my reality, instead of simply reacting unconsciously to environmental stimuli. And secondly, I write in my mind a new program beneficial to me, that of power, prosperity, creation.

And when I’m finished I don’t even need to think about it anymore, I let Consciousness work, KNOWING that what I created will happen. And I do exactly the same for anything else I want to materialize in this life: a job or an occupation, children, a house, travel, experiences, love, knowledge, awareness, liberation…

And since we’re at it, make sure you pay attention to the vibration of words at all times, not only when saying your affirmations! The words we say are the reflection of our inner vibration and create the level of vibration of our immediately surrounding reality.

If there is peace in the area where I live and I have everything I need, but all I do is moan about everyone and everything, how bad the world is and how hard life is in general, then my immediate surrounding reality will begin to reflect this vibration more and more and MY life will become more and more difficult.

But if I believe that the world is good and beautiful and I ALWAYS BELIEVE and SAY that everything will be fine, I can live in the middle of a war zone and no bullet will touch me, my belief will keep my vibration high and will change the one around me as well, making people better for me. In fact these people do not change, I only attract through my vibration the positive aspects of them to manifest towards me…

Have you heard of the test of Socrates’ three questions, the test of Truth, Goodness and Utility? To make sure that we vibrate on a frequency of harmony, we can subject any statement we hear or want to say to this test: 1. Am I sure it’s true? 2. Am I sure it’s good? 3. Am I sure it’s useful? If at least one of the answers is NO, then maybe I’ll think better before I believe what I heard or before I speak… After all, “Speech is silver, but silence is golden”…

But more about how to use words in communication in another article… Let’s go back to materializing.


WRITING is obviously next in line. And, mind you, I’m talking about handwriting here, not something printed.

Well, what’s the point of writing, if I say it?! It’s just the same thing, isn’t it? Well, yes, but “verba volant”… With the help of writing, the vibration of intention, which has become a thought and then a word, is kept longer in the material dimension.

Not to mention how words arrange differently when we see them written in front of our eyes… when reading them, we find the most useful way to arrange them, so that they have exactly the meaning we want.

Already, by writing something we want, we are much closer to the materialization of that intention, because it becomes clearer inside and we can project it much easier outside.

We can write as carefully and beautifully as possible, calligraphically, that statement of materialization in a note book, journal or, why not, on the kitchen tiles or the bathroom mirror, where it can stay until it materializes and we move on to the next.

Or we can create a Dream Board or a Vision Board, a kind of frame in which to glue pictures, sketches or drawings with the desired object or state, we can write in it our materialization statements. Again, on how to create these, in another article.


And already, if you have come this far, you have used the power of VISUALIZATION countless times. You know that saying: A picture is worth a thousand words? Well, visualization is an extremely important step in materialization. Most artists “see” the work of art in their minds and then represent it on paper or canvas, in stone or in motion…

When someone recommended me to see the movie Green Lantern because of an interesting idea it was based on, and I saw the poster, I categorized it as yet another movie with superheroes, which I got a little tired of. And yes, that’s right, you don’t miss much if you don’t see it. The same eternal subject of legends: the hero who saves the world… But the idea of ​​someone who learns to create the world around him by visualizing, by focusing on an image inside their mind, which they then project in the outside world, creating things out of thin air… well, not really out of thin air, but out of energy, well this idea is very, very interesting.

Keeping focus is the most important thing in visualization, silence and peace both on the outside and on the inside are a must. And not everyone gets it right in the beginning, because some of us are more visual, others more sensitive, or auditory, others kinesthetic… Each of us perceives the world a little differently, in a unique and personal way. But we can all get to visualize very well through repeated practice. Again, repetition. Did I mention perseverance is key in this materialization business?

But even for those who are 100% visual (very rare), there is something without which visualization has no notable results: EMOTION, the connection with that object, with that state or that objective. The visualization works only when I close my eyes and imagine that I open the door of the office where I want to work and I see there my name on the received correspondence, with the title of the job I want; when I see myself driving the car I want and parking it in front of the house, reading my name on the car documents; when I feel the salty sea breeze on my skin and the wet and cool sand under my feet, and I hear the seagulls and the waves breaking on the shore during the vacation I want and so on… And I feel in those moments JOY, SATISFACTION, HAPPINESS, RELAXATION, PEACE, FULFILLMENT or any other emotion connected with what I want. As many personalized details as possible, but also with as many connected and real emotions as possible.

As a teenager I enjoyed reading, I read Jules Verne’s books until the cardboard covers of the books broke, and I imagined how I travelled around the world and met wonderful people and learned extraordinary things… Reading is very important because that’s how we can practice visualization. I created scenarios and adventures in my mind and I felt like I was there.

And guess what? Through this, I unknowingly created a reality for myself in which, when the time came and I was ready, I went out into the world and I have been traveling for years ever since… And indeed I have met wonderful people everywhere, no one hurt me in any way, and I have learned and I continue to learn extraordinary things…

Only when I already feel the sensations I would feel when having or being what I wanted; only when I can really feel the joy, pleasure, fulfillment, peace, only then all my energies unite with the energies of the Eternal Consciousness and my intention becomes real, it materializes.

Maybe not instantly, maybe it takes 5 minutes, 6 hours, 2 weeks or 3 years. It depends on many factors: how persistent I am, how strong my focus is, how clean my energies are, how USEFUL that intention is to me, how aware I am of my inner and outer reality (which, by the way, are one and the same…)


And that leaves… ACTION. I act from the unity of Consciousness, knowing that I am everything and I already have everything, and that thing I want is already mine. Without the fear of not getting it, without attaching myself to it.


It is very important to be able to position myself in two standpoints in relation to the thing I want: to be one with it, because me and it are only parts of the same initial point of energy that created the Dual Universe; and to be an outside observer of that thing.

Only then does knowing/experiencing that thing become possible and I can truly have it. This is why the points of Consciousness that we are enter the Dual Universe. This is what we are here to do: HAVE OR BE SOMETHING AND OBSERVE OURSELVES HAVING OR BEING THAT SOMETHING…

We are here to play the game of self-knowledge, of self-awareness together with the other points of Consciousness, which mirror us and which we mirror. Let’s play it by creating with joy!

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