I want to exit the Matrix and go Home!

I want to exit the Matrix and go Home!

So you thought of taking the exit? Wow!

Well, if you can just leave your body anytime at will, ONLY by your INTENTION, without ANY external help, like pills, drugs, a gun, a rope, jumping off a building and so on, congratulations! You might just have the know-how of leaving the Matrix.

If you, at this moment, have the exact answers to these questions: WHO AM I?  WHY AM I HERE AND NOW? , and you are completely satisfied with them, congratulations, you might just have the level of self-knowledge to face the next level of consciousness.

If ALL of your energies are balanced (your Mind, Spirit and Soul) and they are united and working in perfect harmony, congratulations, you might just have the necessary vibration to match the frequency of Unity that is the eternal Consciousness.

Until we have these, any attempt to exit will just be running away from what we’ve come here to do. And our energies will just take us back here again and again, on this level of the virtual game of self-knowledge that we all, as points of Consciousness are playing with each other. Until we PASS THIS  LEVEL. Until we transcend and integrate all fear and courage, all pain and pleasure, all anger and calmness, all suffering and happiness.

I don’t know how old you are but you can’t be very old. You now already know there is no real death, that only the body dies, but your Soul is as old as the Universe and will exist till the end of it. You know that there is a reason for everything and the reason is YOUR WILLING TO KNOW YOURSELF. You, as part of Consciousness, wanted this at the very beginning of the Universe and I’m sure you’ve been searching for the answer to this question: “WHO AM I?” your whole life.

How many people on Earth can say that they know they are immortal with certainty, you think? You have come so far. You have searched and searched for answers for your suffering, I don’t know your circumstances, but the suffering must have been immense, for you to think of taking the exit.

You know, the religious people would tell you it’s a sin and you would surely go to Hell. “Just suck it up, obey the rules, do your prayers and you’ll go to Heaven…” They only know what they’ve been taught on their level of Consciousness. The New-agers would tell you that you are special and you have to be ready for the Ascension, that help is coming, that you just have to keep going and be good and kind and meditate and all that bla-bla. Same thing, in other words…

You know how I KNOW YOU CAN MAKE IT HERE?  It’s simple: YOU ARE A SOUL. Your whole life you asked a million questions, because YOU KNEW THERE WAS MORE TO IT… You feel you don’t belong here. An guess what, YOU DON’T! None of us do. We are not HOME. We have left our home to go into the Unknown, into this game of duality. We are all like children. Our Souls are like little kids who enter the game to know more about themselves, to know who and what they are.

Am I light or darkness? I struggle with the answers until I understand that the light and the darkness are faces of the same coin. AM I FEARFUL OR COURAGEOUS? Again, I go to the depths of FEAR and to the heights of COURAGE until I find that THEY ARE BOTH JUST PARTS OF ME. And then I find BALANCE. And so it goes for everything else that I am. ONLY THEN I CAN FORGIVE, ACCEPT AND LOVE MYSELF FOR EVERYTHING THAT I AM AND DO.

But guess what? I can’t do this in Unity, at home. I cannot learn there ALL THE THINGS THAT I CAN BE. I MUST GO INTO DUALITY FOR THAT. And we all came here for that. “Came here” is just a way of putting it, for we are in UNITY as we speak. We just don’t remember it. It’s like we have a lock on our connection to everything and on all of our memories, that we ourselves have put in place, so that we can discover new levels of ourselves.

And these entities who are constantly trying to feed on our low vibration energy, they have found a way to use this to their advantage. Not knowing, because from their level of consciousness they CANNOT KNOW, that the purpose is not to live forever and to control their environment at whatever cost to others. They simply cannot see the bigger picture from their level, they would have to come down here to feel everything, to understand by doing, by making mistakes and suffering the consequences. Ah, but they WON’T! Because they are terrified of suffering and of dying. They are points of Consciousness just like us, only on a different level of vibration.

That’s how I know you can make it, we all can. WE HAD THE GUTS TO COME HERE! Believe me, YOU ARE BRAVER THAN YOU BELIEVE, because you’re here, aren’t you? YOU ARE SMARTER THAN YOU THINK; after all, you could find the truth through all the lies and deceipt out there. And YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU SEEM, because, well, YOU ARE A POINT OF CONSCIOUSNESS, therefore YOU ARE EVERYTHING!

When you wake up every morning you have within you everything you need to succeed at anything you want, it’s just covered with the lies and programming of the Matrix. Your work is simply to uncover it. To keep searching on the outside and on the inside for WHO YOU REALLY ARE. And you’ve been doing a brilliant job so far. And even if no one else believes in you, no matter, it’s only YOUR FAITH IN YOURSELF THAT CAN TAKE YOU THERE anyway…

Whenever the family, the friends or society fail to support you, remember, you can always just go deep within you to find that connection to the rest of the Conscoiusness, to go home, to UNITY. You can do that by going out in nature every day, looking at all the shapes and colours, listening to its sounds, taking in its perfumes, walking barefoot and hugging trees, tasting a fresh fruit or a seed or a leaf. You can do it by breathing naturally, close your eyes and just focus on the breathing, emptying your mind of any thoughts. You can do it by doing or learning something new every day. You can do it by making something with your hands, creating something with your imagination. You can do it by learning everything you can about your mind, how your subconscious mind can trick you into false beliefs, following the Matrix programming you’ve been subjected to from a very young age.

You came here because YOU WANTED TO BE AND TO DO. HERE. You can take the exit at any time. But what would be the point until you are and do everything you came here to be and to do?…

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