The Soul recognizes himself!

The Soul recognizes himself!

In an interview from 2013 Corrado Malanga was saying: “Chi è animico si riconosce!” – “The Soul recognizes himself!”

And it’s true, the people who ARE Souls recognize themselves. I said “ARE” because one doesn’t HAVE A SOUL, one IS A SOUL who HAS a body. We are Souls who choose to incarnate in human bodies to experience life on Earth.

And the Souls know they are somehow different from the rest… They feel it deep within.

Prof. Malanga describes the Soul in a few simple statements:

The Soul doesn’t like rules, he is anarchic.

The Soul cannot be “boxed” in a group.

The Soul speaks in the plural: “We are…,” “We do…,” because he knows he is only one of the many like him, he feels the unity of the Consciousness.

The Soul walks alone, he doesn’t need to follow the crowd.

The Soul is not interested in power or money, he is not interested in climbing the social ladder.

The Soul is not afraid of death, he might be afraid of suffering, but he is not afraid of dying.

The Soul is very creative.


Seeing that interview brought tears to my eyes and peace in my mind. Because I finally understood. There was nothing wrong with me! I was only being the only thing I COULD BE – a Soul!

So let me explain each of these statements the way I understand them.

The Soul doesn’t like rules, he is anarchic. Because he knows who he is – eternal energy – and doesn’t need rules to tell him how to live. He will only obey the rules of common sense. “Common Sense” – what a beautiful phrase! It’s that sense that is common to all Souls, which keeps them united in their Consciousness. One of these rules is the Golden Rule, found as the basis of pretty much all religions: “Treat others as you would like others to treat you.”

The awakened Soul obeys this rule from within, he learns it from living and experiencing emotions like acceptance and rejection, peace and turmoil, pleasure and suffering. But although all humans feel these emotions, the Soul has EMPATHY – the ability to feel the other’s feelings within himself. He “feels” for others, he has COMPASSION – the ability to share the other’s pain or suffering. How could he not, when he is connected energetically to ALL other Souls in Consciousness?

Any other rules will have to be of COMMON sense for the Soul to obey them, otherwise he will rather be battered, burned at the stake or killed then be boxed and obey.

The Soul cannot be “boxed” in a group, be it a religion, a music genre, a political party or a stamp collectors club. He doesn’t need to recognize himself in the behaviours of others. He somehow feels he is enough intrinsically. On the other hand, the Soul longs for belonging, for unity, for what he feels deep within should be Oneness, so he will forever look for his place into society, not realizing the society on Earth is built in a specific way to keep him from achieving that unity with all…

Therefore, the Soul will be in constant internal turmoil, always looking for his “tribe,” for he cannot otherwise realize his biggest need, the one of UNITY. He will look for the deeper meaning in things, for he KNOWS there is one, He will be a traveller, a researcher, a discoverer, a questioner, a philosopher. The Soul is forever CURIOUS. He is that kid who always asks the “difficult” question, he is that rebellious teenager touching the leaves of bushes as he walks, he is that young adult who travels the world either physically or imaginarily, always in search of something, he is the elder with the cryptic answers and wise stories…

The Soul speaks in the plural: “We are…,” “We do…,” because he knows he is only one of the many like him, he feels the unity of the Consciousness. The one who is an awakened Soul will think that if one wins, all win, and if one loses, all loose. He doesn’t like fighting and will not go to war, he is accepting to the point of being enslaved. But he will fight like a lion for his freedom or the freedom of his dear ones or even for that of strangers sometimes.

He doesn’t like being graded or winning awards in school, for he feels the pain of the loser and the bitterness of his victory. He innately understands the separation that come with competition and segregation. He cannot be a nationalist, a religious fanatic, he doesn’t believe in politics and capitalism or marketing, for he feels from unity, having a very easily triggered “bullshit” button.

He doesn’t understand concepts like materialism, gossip, fashion trend, “recreational” fishing or hunting, clubbing (going in as many loud city clubs in one night as possible)…

The Soul walks alone, he doesn’t need to follow the crowd. He “knows” he is different and, provided he has a strong Spirit by his side, he will be the Warrior of Light that Paulo Coelho speaks of. He usually finds out at an early age that he is unlike most of the other humans around him, he doesn’t feel special, he’s just the odd one out, the ugly duckling. He tries desperately to fit in but cannot! This internal fight between the need of belonging and the will to be himself can consume most of his energy for years.

If he lives in a stable emotional environment and has enough time alone with himself, he will follow the light within and find his inner strength to go out in the world bold and fearless, accepting and celebrating his Self, being a self-taught person who questions everything and not being afraid to be different and to challenge the status quo.

But in case he grows up in an unaccepting environment where he is forced to comply at all times “or else,” he might spend a lot of this life as a depressed, powerless, hopeless weirdo, an outcast, affirming his uniqueness and freedom in all sorts of unaccepted ways: being homeless, a loner, a rebel, an addict, a psychotic etc. Until he finds the ray of light that he needs to in order to continue his self-discovery path.

So, when you meet any of the above, please keep in mind that they might be a Soul in pain, don’t judge and don’t “box” them in labels. Accept that you were once there as well.

The Soul is not interested in power or money, he is not interested in climbing the social ladder. He cannot help himself; he just doesn’t understand the concept! How could storing some pieces of metal or paper bring him what he REALLY needs? He will often only make enough money to go by, because he has so many other actual important things to do! He will only WANT money if it can give him a new experience or if he can use it to help others.

He will work for peanuts most of the time, volunteering to do any job, none is too low for him, as he “knows” he is in service of others, just as they should be in service to him. He is mostly unaware of this, therefore being in conflict with societal rules and being considered a dreamer, an idealist, a misfit. He will also be wronged more times than he can count, because he believes in people and although life will teach him to become a good judge of character, he will still turn a blind eye and believe in people, suffering all the way…

Climbing the social ladder and competition make no sense whatsoever to him, for he knows he can only be better than himself, that each point of Consciousness has its own awakening path, and that they should all work TOGETHER rather than compete. He is all about collaboration, about teamwork, until he understands he will be taken for granted and used, in which case he will simply leave the “team” if he cannot find a way of working together.

The Soul is not afraid of death, he might be afraid of suffering, but he is not afraid of dying. It’s as if he somehow knows he is ETERNAL. He will not search to be around it, but he will find it very natural when it happens and might behave in a manner that is perceived “cold” by others. Just as if someone had just left to go on a holiday or to the market.

He is afraid of pain and suffering though. Maybe it’s because he does not fully understand why others would want to cause it in the first place. Maybe because he feels it deeply, as he can feel others’ pain as fully as his own…

He will, when not conscious, hurt other people, but mostly in self-defence, to protect himself of more pain. He is passionate and very determined to be free, to not owe anything to anyone, to do things his own way, but everything he ever wants to do is be stronger, smarter, better so that he can help others. So anytime he hurts someone in the process he will give himself a good scolding about it.

Before we go to the clearest sign that a Soul displays, let’s go through a few more that are not so easy to swallow by society.

The Soul has sometimes powers that are considered “supernatural” or “paranormal.” Some have dreams that tell the future, some have visions about others, some can read minds, some can see energies or spirits or other beings, some can hear voices, some can talk to animals, some can heal with their hands, some can move objects with their mind…

They are called names like clairvoyants, telepaths, healers, channellers, but in the past they were wizards, shamans, magi, enchanters… Whatever his extrasensory ability, the Soul is merely tapping in his almighty nature! And more often than not he will block these abilities for fear of ridicule or repercussions… Sad, but true, there are many Souls who don’t even share these kinds of experiences with their closest ones… when they should actually celebrate them and look for more information and for people alike to learn from and to share with! We live in the Era of information, there are thousands of books written on these subjects, if you are one of these Souls brace yourself and take the plunge! But stay away from witchcraft, wizardry, ascension theories or anything that will ask you to obey a master, you know what they are by now, I’m sure!

Another recognizable trait of the awakened Soul is that he seems naïve to a lot of people, because he is as trusting, open and optimistic as a child and because he tells the truth, no matter what the consequences sometimes. He affirms himself in a world where he is minimized, without fear.

He doesn’t see the reason to complicate things by lying about who he is, and since he is forever looking for the truth in others, he will simply be his uncomplicated self. Or try to, anyway…

And last but not least, the most easily recognisable trait of the Soul.

The Soul is very creative. My personal favourite! Whether he creates the Mona Lisa or a caricature, the Sphinx or a vase, a symphony or a jingle, a trilogy novel or a haiku, a movie script or the background of a ballet scene, a bridge or a shed, a garden or a skyscraper, the Eiffel Tower or a window decoration, a lightbulb or a smart tap, a chair or a chandelier, a suit or a pair of earrings, a stew or a wedding cake, a carriage or a rocket, a website or a market disrupting piece of software, THE SOUL NEEDS TO CREATE!

It’s when his light shines the brightest. He can sing and dance for hours and not feel tired at all, he can paint all day and all night and feel energised the next morning. he can plan that big party for weeks, never losing the enthusiasm! It’s when he is most CONNECTED. To all other Souls, to the energy of the Universe. Whether he is happy or miserable, he must create! Inspiration flows through him, emotions pour out of him, the flow of energy is unstoppable, he MUST create!

If you are one you already know what I mean, if you’ve only witnessed it in others, it’s time you called on your Soul! Start making things with your hands, take a drawing class, a singing or dancing class, a pottery class, anything that you’ve wanted to do as a child, but never had the chance or had the guts to try: carpentry, gardening, knitting, building, massage, take your pick!

Start daydreaming, making plans, creating worlds in your mind! Do something different and exciting every day, the Soul is curious and loves new adventures! Read a lot, ask questions, travel, make new friends, change your environment, broaden your horizons!

Go out in nature, hike a mountain, swim in the ocean, hug some trees, smell some flowers, listen to the nightingale song, pick some blackberries, watch the clouds fly across the sky! The Soul likes nature, it’s where he can be himself.

Surround yourself with smiling faces, vibrant colours, light and harmonious sounds, with different textures and pleasant smells and delicious tastes, surround yourself with BEAUTY in all its forms! Your Soul will awaken, and you will finally get to experience THE CREATOR THAT YOU ARE!

The road is long, there’s a lot of healing to do on the way, there is balance and harmony to be reached both inside and out before you reach your destination, but you’ll end up here anyway, so why not do it sooner than later?

Forget about any worries, they are all programs implanted in your mind at an early age by the unconscious pawns of the rules of the Matrix! The Soul eventually gets to not really care what others think, he is ALWAYS ahead of his times, no matter the times anyway!

The good news is that it is enough for one Soul to understand something, and all the Souls will start to, because we are all connected, it is enough for one Soul to awaken and all the Souls around him will start to remember who they are.

So, let’s continue TO BE and TO DO all that we can for the awakening of Souls on this planet, so that we finish our journeys here and start new ones among the stars!

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