The Truth is one but it has many layers…

The Truth is one but it has many layers…

There is only one truth. But it has many layers. And we can perceive each layer only when the knowledge outside and inside brings our energies on the vibration of that layer. And after each known layer we can perceive so clearly the separation from the previous layers… Also, at the exact moment when the previous separation becomes clear, we also have the intuition that there is something else… there is another layer that seems to appear in the fog of the unknown…

Let’s take as example an accident. One evening, a driver hit a pedestrian, who was running across the street, a few meters from the crossing, looking at his phone. The police establish on the spot that the driver is a young woman in a state of intoxication and of great agitation and anxiety, a condition in which she should not have got behind the wheel. The young woman claims that she did not see the pedestrian until the last moment because the street is not very well lit, because there are a few light bulbs missing on the streetlights.

And these are just the first easy-to-find layers of the Truth. But let’s move on to the next layer. The pedestrian was in a hurry to get home in order to stop the massive flood caused by a broken pipe while his wife showed him the main house taps on the phone so that he could tell her which one to stop. And the young woman behind the wheel was in a hurry to get to the hospital, because she was not feeling well and she was sure that her boyfriend had put some drugs in her drink… Whose fault is it? Is one more guilty than the other? Whose side is the truth on?

A rational neutral observer, who uses his mind to understand reality, would say that the truth is in the middle, it was simply a moment of distraction on both sides, an unfortunate coincidence, a set of circumstances that led to this event, some physical, mental and emotional causes that could lead to a single effect only – an accident that will send one to the hospital and the other to the police…

On another layer of Truth, another observer who understands that this causality has much deeper roots than what the 5 senses and mind can perceive, and who believes that there is a creative force that leads all life, all that exists, according to certain rules, whatever its name, let’s call it God, this observer will say that both people have to pay for some mistakes, sins, that they or their parents, grandparents, ancestors, someone from their family did in the past. Or he’ll tell you they have Karma to pay, each of them, for actions and deeds done maybe dozens of lives ago (which they don’t even remember, hmm, why could that be?). That they will pay for these mistakes through suffering now in order to go after death to an eternal heaven where they will have everything they want, where everything they think they lack now will be provided. And many people stop at this layer of truth, usually out of fear, a fear induced by most of the world’s religions by keeping man in ignorance, on a level of “magical perspective” understanding and knowledge of all that exists…

But let’s move on with the story. Another observer, with a little more knowledge of the external reality BUT also of the INTERNAL = SELF-KNOWLEDGE, who can perceive the energies unseen by the others, can see certain energetic connections activated between the two protagonists, pre-existing connections, from another the life in which the two had met. And he will tell you that, in addition to paying the natural consequences of the past mistakes, THEY HAVE LESSONS TO LEARN, that what they can do now is to ask what is the lesson to be learned from this accident, what they came here to do and what is their mission… And he would advise them to seek support from higher energy beings, angels, spiritual guides, ascended masters, beings of light from other planets, who have long brought messages of peace, unconditional love, such as: “You are special. . , you are chosen, be as good as possible and you will raise your vibration and you will come to us where you belong, when the others will remain on the 3D vibration, you will rise in 4D or 5D…” The same promised paradise, but in other words.

On another layer of Truth vibrates the next observer, who has already sensed that there is something else and he is seeking, looking for more. Searching both on the outside and on the inside, because he feels this is what he has to do. Because his Spirit and Soul are always searching for the Truth. Because HE CAN’T STOP. He made the choice to ask WHY and to know the Truth long ago. For the first time. And since then he has been making that choice again and again, with every point of Consciousness, which chooses to vibrate on any of these frequencies of Truth.

This observer can consciously perceive all the previous layers as well at the same time, because he has existed in each of them. He can perceive the frequency in which each of the two protagonists of the story is, the prison of DUALITY, the perpetual struggle of good and evil, light and dark, hot and cold, back and forth, a prison they have chosen to enter. It was the only choice they could make.

BECAUSE WHEN YOU KNOW NOTHING, YOU ARE AFRAID. Because when you DON’T KNOW ANYTHING, the ONLY CHOICE YOU CAN MAKE IS TO KNOW. The greatest fear of any being is that of the UNKNOWN. And when you have lived FEAR to the highest point of Consciousness, of UNITY, from where you can go no further, it turns into FEARLESSNESS, into COURAGE. And only when courage is lived, experienced, felt, known in all possible ways, can you perceive the Truth of UNITY: ALL OPPOSITE PRINCIPLES ARE JUST DIFFERENT VIBRATIONS OF UNITY, PERCEIVED FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF DUALITY.

This observer knows that the two protagonists attracted each other by their vibrating frequencies, that if the energies of one of them had been just a little different, they would never have met and that accident would have had no chance to occur. He knows that the two of them co-created that point of time and space with everything they have ever done and with everything they are. HE KNOWS THAT HE CANNOT HELP THEM WITH ANYTHING, THAT THEY DON’T NEED HELP, because they are exactly where THEY CHOOSE TO BE. And that when they are ready, they will make the choice TO KNOW AGAIN.

And the observer chooses to rejoice with them and for them in this search, to be a witness to their existence. As simple as that. Because the Truth is one. But it has many layers…

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